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    15 2015

    A Canadian Client Delighted by Cygnet's Internet Marketing Services SEO First

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    It was 3 years back when a Canada based Ice Sculpture and Chocolate Fountain Company hired Cygnet’s internet marketing services called SEO-First.During that period, the client’s website had meager traffic and lacked appropriate exposure on the web which made him engage with SEO-First to enhance its position on the web and increase the traffic.

    Since the start of the project, the SEO-First team employed various plans and optimization techniques to improve the client’s business listing.

    Year 1 – During the 1st year, the client was suggested to take up the Basic SEO plan which saw some increase in his website traffic.

    Year 2 – In the 2nd year, the internet marketing team focused on enriching client’s website traffic on a regional basis through Regional Plan which included submissions in regional directories, forums, blogs, theme based listing, etc. This helped in increasing traffic from targeted region and added more revenue to his business.

    Year 3The 3rd year contributed immensely in increasing client’s website traffic. In the 3rd year, the team designed 3 sub-domain websites of client’s business targeting 3 cities and promoted the main as well as the sub-domain websites with local listing and submission. The team also did competitor analysis, video marketing and classified listing which increased the overall traffic towards the client website.

    Over the 3 years, the internet marketing and SEO strategy of SEO-First led to 30-50% growth in client’s revenue on Year-On-Year basis. Seeing such positive results for his business website, the client was highly delighted and appreciated the efforts of the whole team. As a part of the appreciation, he sponsored a dinner party for all the team members included in the project.

    SEO First Dinner Party

    SEO First Team


    SEO-First is an division of Cygnet-Infotech providing complete internet marketing solutions for enhancing your online business.

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