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    4 2016

    Amalgamating the Art and Science of Marketing

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    Art and Science of Marketing

    The last part of the series of three blogs that talks about the Art and Science of Marketing, in this blog, we shall see how an amalgamation of two makes a perfect whole. It is like the two halves of the human brain coming together, giving a human being the gift of personality where- the right side responsible for the creative, passionate and artful side of one’s personality and the left side receptive to the rational happenings and analytical, and making the human being logical and more responsible in life. Drawing an analogy from the ever so fascinating human brain, marketing can be looked at similarly with content as the right part and data as the left, making up the perfect unit for an organization for value creation in terms of creativity while not losing out on the science behind it.


    Like the human brain, let us think of the senior management of any company as the brain of the organization where in, the storytellers and the creative geniuses are, the masters of the art of marketing while the science of marketing is tackled by the sales and finance heads. We have always assumed that these two roles are confined to their respective departments and they have had problems communicating with each other. But over the recent past, there has been an overlap of the two which makes it possible for both the sides to appreciate each other’s roles and the way of doing things. It is observed, in most organizations today, that the left side and the right side of an organizational brain has come together to form a marketing team that is strong not only on intuitive storytelling but also fiercely committed to keeping the numbers high. This enables them to provide a robust backing for their CMO to speak a language that is attractive as well as effective for the CEO and CFO of the company.

    As CMOs sit on the table today with the CEOs and CFOs their focus is on strategies that allow the companies to respond to the evolving buying patterns creatively and on time as well as manage the complexity that arises while shaping up the consumers’ perception of the company. As consumers become well informed today, marketers are compelled to focus on relevant content that encourages its audience to share it and have it spread across greater masses, rather than coming up with generalized commercial messages.

    As each campaign takes off from the marketing teams today, it needs to tick not only on grounds of responding to the audience needs, being creative, correct messaging and brand positioning but also on what ROI it would bring to the organization. Campaigns that take off without a clear understanding on the returns have most CMOs in the dark without a clear view of the results. The metrics that we explored in the article, the science of marketing and a few more allow the CMO to measure the ROI on efforts hence justifying the cost of marketing to the organization.

    When practiced correctly, the art of marketing backed by the science of it, will help businesses to align on these core things:

    • Their brand DNA: what it stands for
    • Effective communication plan that efficiently percolates
    • Execution of the plan by the teams so as to build a strong brand funnel
    • Generate relevant inquiries for the sales team

    The battle between creativity and numbers will continue for the CMOs, however, most of them strive to maintain an optimal balance to ensure that they do not kill creativity in the race for numbers and vice versa.

    Have thoughts of how this can be managed better? Drop in your suggestions in the comments section.

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