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    15 2015

    Artificial Business Intelligence

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    Artificial Intelligence essentially denotes the science of computational intelligence. It mimics the intelligence of human and animals along with the bugs. The term "artificial intelligence" was coined by the computer scientist John McCarthy who described it as engineering and science of creating intelligent machines. The definition has, however, evolved since then and today it is a technical system that perceives its surroundings and acts accordingly in order to enhance its efficiency.

    We have an efficient and experienced team that is equipped with proper methodologies and powerful tools to solve business problems with the help of artificial intelligence. Our AI solutions are based on neural networks, natural language processing, fuzzy logic operations, tolerant matching, statistical convergence systems, cognitive processing systems and contextual dictionaries.

    Our services help you overcome problems associated with poorly structured or incomplete data. Our AI systems have the ability to filter huge financial data while repairing and recreating messages automatically. This method is known as Straight-Through-Processing. We also computerize the internal procedures of intellectual property offices and international organizations. We manage property rights and electronic submissions and also do searches for previous submissions.

    We specialize in business solutions with the help of artificial intelligence. Our solutions are profitable, quick and customized. Our services lend efficiency to your business which helps improve productivity.

    Our AI solutions help you deal with problems of decreased productivity, ineffectual marketing methods, declining profitability and increased stress. Our software acts like administrative assistants that help you manage your business more effectively.

    Our services provide software-as-a-service i.e. SAAS-based virtual assistants that enable you to hold intelligent conversations between people and computers in several languages through the media of mobile, internet, live chat etc.

    Our technology of natural language interaction helps your organization improve consumer experience as well as cut down on the cost of online requests for assistance.

    We develop the most human-like, efficient and intelligent assistants that can be availed on any platform and language. It can interpret data, employ synthetic personalities, overcome fuzzy logic etc. All in all, the main aim of our artificial intelligence services is to make your business run smoothly and attain its return of investment.

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