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Isha Memon

Isha Memon is a marketing communications professional with a decade long experience in branding and communications. Her communications degree and diverse experience across multiple industries lends her the unique ability to think from different points of view. As the Senior Content Writer, she leads the content team at Cygnet Infotech closely working alongside the marketing team. An avid reader, marvel fun and meme lover, Isha loves to write fiction and poetry when she’s not working.

by Isha Memon

The design thinking approach leads to improved CX that becomes a core component of all business strategies so Enterprises can explore new avenues of growth. Read More

by Isha Memon

Regularly consuming online content comes with its unique set of challenges. How do we know whether it is fake or real? Can technology help? Read this up to find out. Read More

by Isha Memon

Dr. Nilesh Modi, Vice President of Technology & Innovation at Cygnet Infotech, Ahmedabad, served on the panel for ‘Artificial Intelligence - Where Next?’ during the second O2H Innovation Conference Read More

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