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Autonomous Drones and Its Potential of Commercialization

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If I were to tell you this in the year of 2000, that there is a mug that can control the temperature of your Coffee and you can set the temperature using your mobile phone. Or, there is a ring that can store all your personalized details like credit card info, bus pass and it only responds if it recognizes your finger print while you put it on, you would probably assume that I am a Sci-Fi movie director and I am pitching you my ideas to woo the public with these unrealistic technology gadgets.

But in the last decade, there is a technology that has disrupted the world with its ability to connect physical devices with Internet and has given them the power to become a smart device to better serve the cosmopolitans. Yes, I am talking about IoT and the products stated above, are few of the amazing IoT products that are developed and commercialized. In fact, the smart mug is already in mass production and will be shortly available for all the caffeine addicts in one of the biggest brand of the world, Starbucks!

Talking about IoT, there are ‘n’ number of products that are turned into smart devices, but there is one device that truly aligns with the IoT definition and currently, is one of the best Smart Devices ever made. I am talking about one of the earliest adaptors of IoT, Drones.

Drones, that were initially used for filming and were allegedly titled as, just Great TOYS! With the use of cognitive computing along with image processing and analytics, can be put to multiple uses in multiple domains. Such smart drones are known as autonomous drones and can be used in following domains for different purposes:

Application of Autonomous Drones based on its purpose of use in different domains:

1. Delivery:

Drones are emerging as the next gen goods transportation devices. There are many models of drone in testing that can be used for the purpose of delivery. There are drones with the weight lifting capacity of 440 lbs. that can be used by the retail industry to ship goods faster and at much cheaper rates.

Also, where speed does matter, like in healthcare industry, there are already drone models available that can fly at a speed of 62 miles per hour. Drones can carry the first aid kit or any other essential vaccines to be delivered to the affected. Usage of drones can reduce the cost of transport as well as it eliminates the possibilities of delay due to traffic or congestion.

2. Surveillance:

One of the major usage of autonomous drones can be done in surveillance. Numerous industries who needs surveillance at remote or dangerous places and are investing a lot in the maintenance and infrastructure for the same, can replace humans with drones to carry out such dangerous tasks.

For instance, Agriculture industry can use drones to monitor the crop and can also use the same for spraying pesticides. Construction industry can use drones to reach at dangerous places for surveillance and can use drones to inspect the structures of the architecture. Telecom industry can use drones to collect data from cell towers. Even the Oil and Gas industry can use drones to inspect survey about the oil leakages. There are many such industries that can use drones for monitoring and surveillance purpose. All it needs is a thought and a bit of Technical Expertise to develop a customized drone for your business.

3.  Analysis:

When autonomous drones are developed using advanced analytical skills and image processing system, the application of drones becomes nearly endless. Specialized applications can be developed for specialized purposes.

For instance, Drones can be used to achieve precision agriculture and analyze the health of crops and the fertility of the land. Drones are also useful for various defense mechanism, like for surveying and protecting the prison premises, to monitor security borders and geographical areas. While the development of such applications requires high-level analytical expertise, the outcome is surely worth the efforts.

With many prototypes being made and multiple POCs in process, drones will probably be one the best IoT devices. The reason for drone getting the traction is not because of its attractive and amazing applications, but it is because of its huge potential of commercialization and cost saving.

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