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Can PRODUCT ENGINEERING rescue Healthcare?

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As per a study published in CHEST Journal, patients equipped with telehealth in ICU were discharged more quickly by 20 percent and experienced a 26 percent lower mortality rate than patients in a regular ICU!

That’s just one instance which demonstrates the impact of product engineering in revolutionizing healthcare. The same landscape that introduced Angry Birds and Facebook is now turning its attention to how it can be applied, strategically, to keep people healthy. You will encounter various such stats on a regular basis, whether it is to do with data security, healthcare cost, usability or mobile. This tells you that implementation of technology isn’t just a need anymore, it has transformed into desperation and role of Product Engineering firms have just got bigger. Are they getting it done? Let’s find out.

Product Engineering companies are making a world of difference to the healthcare industry by creating diverse products and solutions to solve chronic issues. They are taking on diverse projects with distinctive requirements, functionalities, deployment, technologies, as a result of which they are adding great firepower to their arsenal and improving their capabilities which can be leveraged to help transform future healthcare products.   

Let’s diver deeper into how product engineering services can effectively contribute in revolutionizing healthcare.

Crunching data better

As per a study,  the connected devices market is estimated to grow from $32.5 billion USD in 2015 to $163 billion USD by 2020.

With healthcare devices such as heart pacemakers, diabetic insulin pumps, telemedicine devices etc. getting digitized and IP addressable, today service providers are sitting on a gold mine of data from these connected devices. However, the challenge lies in analyzing and securing this data which product engineering is contextualizing into insights for future. The service providers can utilize this data to understand the requirements of end users and deliver result as per technical expertise and talent.

Easier and reliable revolution

With advancements in nuclear medicine, diagnostics is easier and accurate. With automatic image enhancement, organ mapping technology and quantitative imaging tools the following have been made possible:

  • Extracting high-quality data from images conducting efficient clinical research for cost-effective diagnosis and treatment
  • A faster R&D model
  • Patient profile analytics
  • Fraud analysis
  • Genomic analytics etc.

The different stages where product engineering services are applied as solution offering to Healthcare products:

  • Development of applications and firmware
  • Independent verification, validation and assurance of quality and controlling
  • Quality consulting for gap analysis and risk management
  • Process validation of manufacturing through monitoring and control
  • Pharmacogenomics could help in reducing the billions of dollars which healthcare spends due to adverse misdiagnoses, drug events, readmissions and other unnecessary costs

Use of IoT for simplicity!

Albert Einstein once said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”.

With numerous healthcare challenges, the need to design fool proof systems have emerged; making the whole development process more time consuming and complex. The need of the hour is to build simple solutions with great usability, enhancing patient experience is one trump card healthcare companies desperately need to exercise.

Although the reach of IoT in healthcare is not yet as widespread compared to other industries, but as per industry projections, it is expected to go up significantly. The importance of simplifying the usage of products is far greater than access to complex functionalities, which is possible with IoT devices. These devices can help in workflow optimization, remote monitoring and device integration.

Building great products with right alliance!

To achieve customer satisfaction while striving to optimize operational costs, ISVs need a competent partner with strong domain and technology expertise. More importantly, they need a risk sharing partner who is willing to invest time in helping companies create profitable, scalable products. Product engineering service providers can play a pivotal role in providing ready solutions to ensure engagement, enhance flexibility and accelerate product development lifecycle.

It is a matter of great pride for us to participate in revolutionizing the healthcare sector, and we are striving hard to make a difference through our suite of customized Product Engineering services and solutions. We work as a strategic partner to convert your vision into a successful product across mobile and cloud. Drop us a line at inquiry@cygnetinfotech.com to connect. 

Cygnet Infotech

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