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Can your CMS show you how your customer looks like?

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With the technologies having evolved leaps and bounds, it has now become easy and equally imperative to know what your user or your consumer looks like and what they are looking for. The delivery and execution of marketing strategies for B2B differs from that of a B2C company. A B2C company has a number of parameters like gender, geographical location, price, value, purpose and so on where as for B2B marketers there are only two main parameters, price and effect on profit. We already know how effective a good Content Management System is with respect to collecting data and keeping records of the user behavior. Moreover, CMS platforms like Sitecore and Sitefinity have advanced plug-ins for Data Analytics and Marketing Automation tools that make this pool of data scalable. With such technologies it is becoming increasingly attractive to create user profiles and personas to be able to build your CMS that delivers personalized content based on the stage of the buying process.

In this blog post, we shall explore the features of a Content Management System that helps you and your marketing team build personas of your users to give you a better insight and deliver a superior user experience.

Website: Let us start with the website - a platform that the user or a potential customer will first visit before anything else. It is the face of your brand and your best chance at making the first impression on the visitor. So, how can a website be used as a tool to personalize the content that the user sees?

The answer is Presentation

An effective call to action goes a long way if it attracts the browsers’ attention and manages to give them a good reason as to why they should click on it. Also, content placement based on the browsers’ online as well as offline site behavior is one of the smartest way to present only the relevant content to that particular user. Depending on the purpose of the visit, the user shall see only the relevant pages containing compelling information. Hence, you have a great opportunity to discover how clients from different segments behave and what their level of engagement is.

Now, more than ever, CMS provide tools that are extremely sophisticated when it comes to website personalization. Sitefinity and Sitecore have these tools that help companies enhance their experience management.

1. Mobile Marketing: It has already been established that multi-channel presence for any brand or any company is imperative to stay visible and to be able to communicate with the users on as many touch points as possible.

  • Marketers would universally agree that getting users to download the application is the biggest bottleneck
  • But once they have downloaded the mobile application, it is a great tool to explore re-targeting
  • Regular notifications, updates & new offers with an exciting call to action, exclusive offers for the app users etc. are a great way to keep them engaged

It helps your brand stay fresh in the consumers’ minds. Moreover, for targeted marketing, interstitial digital banners or pop-ups based on the stage where a particular user is at in the buying process, are a proven tactic to attract a user back to the buying page.

2. Emails: Email Marketing is the epitome of personalized marketing where CMS allow you to not only send emails with individual names but also allows you to integrate various tools to be able to measure the success of their email marketing campaigns and then providing the space and platform to tweak the designs and content according to the qualitative results. Sitefinity, for example, goes a step ahead and offers the marketers the option to differentiate between the new subscribers and the existing one where they can choose to send targeted content to both these groups. This increases the probabilities of users engaging themselves and clicking on the call to action that will in turn increase the traffic on your website and make the user explore the website and product/service offerings and their potential options in them.

3. B2B Communication: In B2B communication, the most important thing that marketers need to keep into consideration is that their communication goal is to establish a thought leadership. At the other end, as a “company” buying their products or services, is actually a human being making all the purchase decisions on the company’s behalf. Since he is the one calling all the shots, his main concerns are the profit potential of the product and the price competitiveness. Having understood this, all types of marketing activities directed to a business should effectively communicate this. The data you have gathered from the website shall give you an overview of the leads generated and the visitor behavior, based on which you can modify the product offerings and the content delivered, targeted to the purchase manager of any company.

4. CRM: Businesses of any size now a days require a Customer Relationship Management app and every CMS allows a plug-in to put together a detailed contact list segmented and organized into fields of your requirements. For an effective CRM strategy, you need to have a feedback space on your website for the customer to get in touch with you.

  • CMS today also offer real-time chat on the website enabling users to directly get in touch with the CRM executives to help them solve the problems they are facing
  • Moreover, the dynamic platforms of social media that are growing stronger by the day have proven themselves to be the best and the most used CRM platforms by customers and the companies
  • It is as personal as it can get and also has the potential to provide marketers, be it B2B or B2C, with great amounts of explicit as well as implicit information on their customers and potential clients.
  • Commercial CMS like Sitefinity provide in-built CRM technologies integrated into the system where as for Open source CMS there are in-built plug-ins and are also available as 3rd party plug-ins that can be integrated into the system

Encompassing such tools that create an accurate persona of your users and also give you an insight into their behavior enabling you to carry out predictive analysis; personalized marketing is database marketing at its best. CMS holds great potential to unfurl the possibilities that personalized marketing has to offer. One-to-one communication is what sells today and with customers demanding high quality products and services, marketers need to design their content and strategies specifically for the relevant audience and encourage them to engage with your organization.

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