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Cheat Sheet to Successfully Pitching Content Management Services & Strategy to Top Management

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Do content management and strategy problems keep the Top Management in worries all the time? You bet they do. Content and information are crucial to the growth of any organization, and top management think about it:

  • When they are speaking to their customers or prospects on multiple touch-points
  • When sales teams and support guys are engaged giving online demonstrations and trainings respectively
  • When multiple content managers and programmers are managing numerous content types on web at the same instance

Yes in reality, top management really worry about managing information and data, when engaged in, or monitoring, the above and a dozen other scenarios!

That’s because several severe strategic-, business- and employee-related problems are linked with content management glitches. An effective and efficient content management solution and strategy assists to solve such issues, empowering organizations to meet multiple user needs – be it a content management executive, a sales executive, a support guy or a CXO himself driving multiple content activities.

Here are 5 effective tactics for pitching Content Management Solutions & Strategy to your Target Audiences:

1. Analyze How Lack of a Content Management Strategy Causes Organizational Problems

  • Analyzing and understanding the problems related to the content strategy of your prospects gives you enough ammo to effectively pitch your content management solutions. Focus on their overall strategic goals, and demonstrate how they can be made smoother and achievable with a better content management solution and strategy.
  • Proper research gives you numerous inputs to link their Business, Competition and Market Challenges with their Content Strategy.
  • Properly relating your client’s organizational content management strategy with their employee goals makes it easy to relate their employee productivity in-line with the top management content plans, giving an edge while pitching.

2. Content Strategy & Technology Should Go Hand-in-Hand

  • Offer technology that easily fits with your client’s current business and technology goals.
  • Showcase and provide technology which is scalable and matches with the future market demands of your client’s business domain.
  • Revamping Existing Web Portal with Content, Data & Platform Integration and Migration with new technology options, are good entry points to pitch your prospects who are reluctant to change or have invested a lot and want to continue with their current business set-up.
  • Pitching end-to-end business and technology services should include the complete Content Management Implementation, its Customization, Upgrades, Maintenance, QA & Validation. You can work as an end-to-end service provider, simplifying things for your prospective clients.

3. Stimulate Trust with Case Studies, Success Stories, and Pilot Projects

  • Case Studies, Success Stories and Pilot projects are an ideal way to showcase your content practices, and they serve as more trustful ways of working with new prospects.
  • Creating specific business cases as real-time examples of how content management solutions can assist your target audiences serve as a powerful evidence that creating and managing content strategically actually works.
  • Create stories that depict how an organization makes a difference by using information from multiple departments.

4. Alter your Marketing Strategies: Just because it Worked Last Time Doesn't Mean the Same will Work all the Times!

  • Marketers need to understand the pros and cons of various approaches. For instance, we need to identify where mass messaging will work and where personalized marketing will be more impactful.
  • We also need to explore the ongoing marketing trends. For example, we need to be careful from not relying completely on Search Engine Optimization, but also focus on personal & interactive marketing platforms for engaging directly with the right target audience and target market.
  • Social and Mobile conversions will be the key. Creating engaging content and its distribution across media will help you reach out to a broader audience.
  • Real-time and Agile marketing approach will win the business games faster rather than traditional B2B marketing and sales.

5. Raise the Bar on Customer Experience – It is Today’s Business Benchmark

  • Communicating with your customers involves both talking as well as listening. Active engagement as humans will create an opportunity to build a lasting relationship, rather just satisfying business touchpoints.
  • Highlighting differences between your services and that of the competitors will make you stand out in a crowd. To find and publicize the differentiators and USP of your services and products is a must.
  • Generate value for your customers: it comes from exactly finding what your customers want or need rather than only engaging on what you can provide.
  • Real Customer Engagement comes when your customers share both their pain points as well as success with you. For this, you need to establish emotional connection with them, thereby creating a driving force for loyalty and differentiation.

Wrapping up

Content management and strategy are ongoing, dynamic processes. So, pitching content management services or solutions requires a lot of research and understanding of target customers. But you can’t address all the aspects in one go: addressing one challenge at a time will assist professionals to better pitch their content management solutions and strategy offerings to solve the content problems of their customers.

Want assistance with Enterprise Content Management Solutions? We, at Cygnet, support Marketing & Advertising companies as a reliable Backend Development Partner with Web Content Management Solutions expertise across multiple technology platforms.

Let’s talk about how we can make it work for you.

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