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    13 2016

    CMS Partners: Sales Pit or Solution Providers?

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    For businesses to be successful, they often need to rely on external resources to gain strong capabilities and operate like a well-oiled machine.

    In one of our previous blog posts we discussed the parameters that would determine the right CMS provider and the purpose of writing this blog post is to share insights into how to strike the perfect partnership and what all to look for when in search of a CMS Partner.

    A B2B ecosystem essentially makes one business a client, and other the vendor. For example, if you hire a marketing agency to do your social media marketing they will either try to upsell the service packages by offering complementary services like paid ads, website revamping and search engine optimization or pitch a service offering to cross-sell. And the same occurs when you are trying to make a buying a vehicle or a laptop and you end up buying the one that provides you the best value for your money. But when you are about to complete your purchase at the billing counter, the sales person behind the counter tries to cross-sell ever so subtly by confirming if you need more accessories or an extended warranty and so on. If you are a smart customer, sharp enough to shoot the right questions at the right point, you’ll know what exactly you are being pitched for and whether you actually have requirement for these value added services to not be thrown off your game!

                -- Does this ambushing sales strategy always work? --

    Whether it’s a product or a service like hiring a software vendor for your organization’s Content Management Systems, business leaders face an equivalent dilemma at two diverse stages:

    The first is when they zero in on a vendor to work on the solution plan and its implementation.

    The second when they face issues like lower user-adoption than expected, migration, maintenance and upgrades for a swift experience.

    So, what is it that your organization (as a client) should bear in mind so as to be successful in choosing the best CMS technology partner.

    Ask yourselves the following questions:

      1. Are you looking for a solution partner to provide you a CMS as well as offering a holistic deployment plan whilst involving all the stakeholders or are you looking for a vendor who would provide you with a CMS implementation and remotely maintains/upgrades it?
      2. And as always, you need to answer the big ROI question! What is the Return on Investment on the order? And of course, that includes the services post deployment. I am sure you wouldn’t appreciate your solution providers to upsell or cross-sell anything unless it is absolutely critical to fix/upgrade your current CMS.

    Getting the most out of your CMS solution

    Once you have decided on the right vendor with requisite expertise you also need to make sure they take interest and offer you the best in class services.  They should understand the nature of your business well enough to provide you with the most suitable CMS solution. To kick this off, it goes without saying that you need to build trust within yourself and the new CMS partner entity beyond the conventional business relationships you’d build with your vendors. That is a risk you just might have to take.

    The solution to this dilemma, though, is probably not squashing your trust from the outset, instead   scout   for a Solution Partner as opposed to a technology vendor. Are you looking for a right CMS partner that can fit your both current and futuristic Strategies? Please get in touch with us and find out how we can be of assistance.

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