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Converting idle visitors to paying customer for ecommerce website

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Designing and developing an ecommerce store is not too difficult. But running an online selling operation takes a lot of ingenuity and effort. Funneling valuable traffic on your website is a tough job in itself, but the toughest job is converting your visitors into paying customers.

The most frustrating moment for the owner of an online store is when a number of visitors reach the website, only to browse a little and leave the website. While the very nature of online shopping makes a certain level of bounce rate unavoidable, if you have a high bounce rate, you must be doing something wrong. Here are a few effective steps you can do to improve your conversation rates.

1. Make your Website Mobile Friendly

A large chunk of the people visiting your website will access it through their mobiles. Even if the final sale is completed on PCs or laptops, many of the queries will originate on mobiles. If your products and web pages do not display well on mobile screens, you will lose out on a large number of customers. So, if your website is not already mobile compatible, immediately design responsive mobile website.

2. Allow Users to Customize and Accessorize

Most brick-and-mortar store owners know a secret of selling. They let their users touch and try their products. It is a scientific fact that when customers touch an object, they like it better! While it is not yet possible to make the customers sense the texture of products on online stores, there is one thing that you can do: you can let the users customize the products, or you can let them accessorize using a number of different products.

For example, if you are selling paints, you can let users try our different colors in a virtual room. If you are selling clothes, you can let the users create an avatar and place different clothes and accessories on it.

3. Create Product Videos and High Resolution Product Images

This is the easiest trick in the book, but too many ecommerce store owners miss it. If you are selling thousands of products, the process of clicking product images and uploading on your website can be rather tedious and time consuming. But, if you fail to showcase the products in their best light, there is a good chance that the users will not buy them. So, invest in professional product photography and create high quality product images and videos.

4. Optimize all Content for Online Shopping

A general product description is better than none, and a well-written marketing copy is the best. If feasible, create a powerful marketing copy for all the products, or at least all the categories. The content needs to propose a clear value proposition, and it should convince the visitors to buy the product. You also need the right text in the call to actions buttons, and the content needs to use emotional triggers to entice the users.

5. Build Trust through Design and Words

Unless your online store is extremely popular, you will get a number of visitors that don't know anything about your company. Even if they get interested in what you are offering, they may leave the website without buying anything if they can't trust you. Show your contact information, use symbols for security (e.g. logo of SSL security certificate), and provide testimonials. The quality of your website will also play a major role in creating trust; so, design & develop your ecommerce website well, create quality content and make sure that there aren't any bugs.

6. Don't force Registration, offer free shipping and enough payment options

Many people shop online because they can do it fast. Keep in mind that your customers may be in a hurry. You need to do all you can to make it easy for them to complete the sale. So, don't force the users to register - enable them to buy the products and leave the website as a guest user. Also, don't charge for shipping: too many visitors abandon the shopping carts when online websites add extra shipping charges at the end. And, offer easy payment solution as you can: it would be a shame if someone had to leave your website simply because their money is no good for you!

Implementing the above is not easy, but it is not too difficult either. You may need to invest time, money and effort to make your online store convert better, but it is worth it!

Cygnet Infotech an Ecommerce development company offers complete solutions for website design, development and integration with your pocket budget. We have substantial experience in every aspect of e-commerce development which gives you a significant off-the-shelf eCommerce solution as per your requirements.


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