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    15 2015

    Cygnet Develops a Portal to Help Students in Searching Medical Schools

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    It has been a serious concern for medical students to find best medical schools which meets their requirements and preferences according to their grades and merits. Students as well as their parents do not have exposure to the right platform which can provide them complete information about schools, fees structure, location, admission procedure, etc. This is why students miss the right bus of expanding their knowledge and fulfilling their dream of joining best medical school.

    With a thought of helping students in this regard, one of the Canada based entrepreneur (with an interest in IT services and products) decided to develop a portal which would integrate information of all medical schools based in USA and Canada. To develop this portal, the client approached Cygnet which joined hands with the client in his kind purpose of helping students find their dream medical school.

    Medical School Search Engine

    Cygnet thoroughly reckoned the requirement and moved in the direction of developing the desired portal for client by taking steps as mentioned below

    • Engaged a team of analysts, designers, developers and software testers to work at every level of the project
    • Utilized technologies like ASP.Net MVC 3.0, SQL Server, C#, JQuery, JSON, HTML 5 and CSS3
    • Worked on searching for database of medical schools to integrate in the system along with database given by client
    • .Net development team created solid information architecture by inserting 75 attributes and extensive search criterias
    • Graphics team developed appealing UI of the portal by working in line with client’s requirement

    Following the above steps, Cygnet’s team developed the portal which includes functions like

    • Registration to help student in conducting search of medical schools according to their grades, requirements and preferences
    • Save Search feature to help students and parents save previous searches for future reference and sharing
    • Save Student Preference feature to save preferred criteria of students such as location, program, etc for searching medical schools
    • Security feature to protect user’s information from misuse
    • Wide number of variables and parameters to maximize on the specificity of the search result sets
    • Custom Notes feature to track progress, reviews, blogs, special information, etc

    Incorporating all the above features, Cygnet successfully completed the task of developing portal for searching medical schools within 5 months.

    Looking at his desire to provide fast, stable and reliable medical school search engine accomplished just within 5 months, client heartily appreciated Cygnet‘s efforts by saying

    “You have excellent employees who think very highly of the work they do in delivering quality products

    Cygnet is overwhelmed with such an appreciation from the client. All the teams involved in the development of portal are very happy to help client in fulfilling his aim.

    Have a project in mind? Let Cygnet help you with its expertise in various software development technologies.

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