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Cygnet Infotech is proud to announce that it has joined the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) on 25th September, 2012 as a Gold Partner.With this partnership, along with access to Oracle’s exclusive knowledge materials, training paths and programs, certifications as well as product licenses we will be able to demonstrate our commitment to be the specialist in Information Technology space.

Oracle Gold Partner

Moreover, with the Gold status, we will get access to many privileges as mentioned below:

  • Resell rights for all of Oracle’s products and solutions
  • 25 percent discount on Oracle University products and services as well as 2 free vouchers of Oracle University specialization assessment/exam
  • Authority to purchase Oracle Support at special partner discounts
  • Discount on Oracle Advanced Customer Services
  • Leverage Enablement 2.0 Online Training and On-site Boot-camps to develop specialization (s)
  • Support for path to specialization and business growth through our Programmatic Partner Enablement Initiative
  • Discount on purchase of Oracle licenses for internal use

Through this partnership we will be embarking on the path of excellence and specialization in Oracle IT solutions which will help us deliver better services to clients. Thus, our clients will be benefited the most with this specialized relationship with Oracle.

Here's a link to our profile on Oracle Partner Network (OPN)

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