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Cygnet’s SAP B1 and nopCommerce Contribution in Establishing Healthy Customer Relationship for a Healthcare Client

Cygnet Infotech

“Sometimes only a Change of Viewpoint is Needed to Convert Tiresome Duty into an Interesting Opportunity”

~ Alberta Flanders

It all started with a mail where a client who ventured with a motto of “Customer is the King”, was failing to accomplish “Your Wish Shall be my Command”. The case was one of a kind, because the problem at hand was more ethical than it was economical. It’s a story about an entrepreneur who faced a miserable situation where his employees were having a hard time serving their customers. If you wish to know how this story met its happy ending, fasten your seatbelt and embark with Cygnet to know how we managed to Convert Tiresome Duties into an Interesting Opportunity.

Who’s Who:

Client who was a UK based renowned medical supplier helmed the Healthcare Industry with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 certified medical products. With patrons like healthcare professionals, ancillary businesses and medical individuals, client serves medical professionals pan UK since 1993. Right from its inception, client was built his business on the best business strategy of all, Customer Satisfaction.

The Background:

To Keep quality as priority, client took every possible step. Dedicated customer service staff, unanimous presence over all prominent marketplaces (online and offline), customized pricing strategy for premium customers, you name it. But, with increasing list of clientele, the customer support staff were overwhelmed with the burden of work.

As the business model that client chose was Brick and Click, it became a challenge for the back office staff to integrate the data of offline and online platforms. Also, there was a heavy dependency of customers on the staff because of the lack of information like the pricing, outstanding amount, delivery etc.

Although, there was a fully functional SAP B1 system integrated for the employees to provide ease of work, the manual data entry tasks were taking a toll out of them. With the problem at hand, they sought for aid from an expert to deal with this problem.

The Journey:

Where client saw problem, the experts at Cygnet saw an opportunity. After carrying out a detailed analysis of the situation, Cygnet suggested client a solution that would not only solve the problem at hand, but also would allow the client to establish a foundation for Enterprise Mobility.

To enable Data Automation to reduce the burden of mundane manual tasks of the back-office staff, our nopCommerce experts integrated the ecommerce website with the SAP B1 System. Also, to reduce the cost and training efforts needed, the team customized nopCommerce to synchronize the systems without making any development changes in the SAP.

Thus, where it took hours for the back-office team to fill the blanks in the SAP system, the automation made the process of integrating the data from the website into the system and vice-versa in near real-time.

Also, when the data from the SAP system got integrated into the website, true sense was mobility was established for the organization. The customers, who were dependent on back-office staff and their limited business hours for details like the pricing, outstanding amount and delivery status of their order, were now able to check the details right from the website at their convenience.

The venture was a win-win situation for Cygnet and the client. As Cygnet had the pleasure to serve an elite client that serves the same purpose of walking an extra mile to improve their customer service, the client bagged many valuable benefits like:

  • Reduction of 92% in the time consumed for integration of data
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy of the ordering and payment process by 43%
  • Significant reduction of 73% in the mundane tasks carried out by the Support staff

If you liked the story, please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, if you have a problem at hand and want that problem to be converted into such Success Stories, write to us at inquiry@cygnet-infotech.com

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