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    15 2015

    Cygnets BI Services Helps You in Getting Better Analytics

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    In today’s constantly changing and competitive environment, businesses need data and information for making quick decisions to optimize performance and respond to complex requirements. However, to get an effective solution to meet business requirements from time to time, the data and information has to be actionable i.e. the data have to be such that it quickly captures requirement patterns and accordingly serves to drive growth and efficiency. This is where Business Intelligence begins its role.

    Business Intelligence is a set of methodologies, architectures, and technologies that processes and converts data available from different branches of business to construct a larger picture view that result into meaningful and useful information to drive effective and strategic decision making. Many IT solutions providers are now offering solutions on Business Intelligence technology to provide actionable insights to help in analyzing, reporting and sharing data to enhance decision making and enrich business performance.

    Cygnet Infotech is one of the competent players in providing Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions for various industries. Cygnet’s BI services help business gain insights so that they can conduct trend-analysis in real-time, evaluate KPIs and analyze performance metrics. Cygnet’s Microsoft BI services comprises following

    • Expert Report generation through SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)
    • Extraction, Transformation and Loading of information through SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)
    • Effective Data Mining with SQL Server
    • Data analysis using Excel Power Pivot & SharePoint Excel Services
    • Score Cards & Dashboard implementation using SharePoint Performance Point Services
    • Management of Data Marts and OLAP cubes using SQL Server Analysis Services
    • Creation of KPIs, Trend, Goal Calculations, Dimension Hierarchies & Digital Dashboards
    • Implementation of Microsoft Decision Tree Analysis and Time-Based Analytics
    • Manipulation and analysis of data using MDX and DAX scripts and queries
    • RDBMS Designing

    Business Intelligence

    Cygnet’s solutions on Microsoft BI are focused to enhance operational efficiencies and reduce time to market giving cutting edge data management, integration, migration, and reporting services. Besides these, Cygnet’s Microsoft BI solutions help businesses in

    • Real-time data sharing and collaboration to create actionable plans
    • Breaking information silos from legacy systems and consolidating data to improve productivity, enhance performance and analyze key metrics
    • Taking an agile approach towards customers that help managers in taking customer centric business decisions
    • Accelerating processes and identifying opportunities to gain competitive advantage
    • Improving system governance with greater manageability and visibility of IT issues

    By offering above BI solutions on Microsoft platform, Cygnet has served many clients which have empowered them to conceptualize and implement strategies to mitigate business challenges.

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