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    15 2015

    Cygnet's Capability in Developing E-Learning Solutions

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    Education has played an important role over the centuries and generations of human history. The growing concern about and need for education has increased the size and number of educational fields and learners. This includes students as well as professionals with a zest to learn and apply skills in their professional careers. With this growth, education has taken many forms and styles of which E-learning is one of the most useful and productive methodologies for delivering education.

    E-Learning is a system of learning via the internet that enables people to learn anytime, anywhere at their convenience. It is a great nonlinear process wherein student decides what to study and how and when he/she will access the information. It allows them to choose content and tools as per their capabilities, interests and needs. This is why e-learning has gained popularity. Moreover, it serves a great method geared towards effective delivery of education.

    When compared to classroom teaching, E-learning provides improved quality of education and training. It reduces the cost of delivery due to easy online access. Besides this, it includes self-paced learning, multimedia and interactive products. E-learning also facilitates progress and achievement monitoring. Therefore, more and more colleges, schools and universities are embracing E-learning technology by partnering with E-learning Solution providers. These firms provide an array of services; designing and developing an online platform to manage and deliver educational content.

    Cygnet Infotech is one of the leading providers of E-learning Solutions. It develops and designs portals to deliver educational content based on requirement of clients. It has expertise in developing customized targeted tutorials that can be accessed online via Learning Management Systems (LMS). Cygnet develops LMS using technologies like Microsoft .Net, C#, SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008 and along with 3 Tiered Designs and CSS formatting.

    Cygnet has developed many such customized E-learning applications for its clients. It has huge experience in creating instructional systems and designs, contents and graphics with integrated multimedia to make an interactive learning program.

    Cygnet’s executes E-learning solutions by:

    • Developing infrastructure and design to ensure effective training and learning
    • Customizing and deploying course content in LMS portal, with pre-defined formats developed to meet the required standards and learning styles
    • Scripting, coding and developing other software features to integrate various branches of content, administration and learners
    • Incorporating cutting edge multimedia to enrich the learning experience which allow learners to visualize concepts
    • Building architecture for Virtual Reading and Tests for a complete learning process
    • Integrating interactive learning activities which enable learners to use the material rather than merely listen or view it
    • Establishing Quality, Security and Support platforms for better maintenance and execution of learning program 

    With all of the above methodologies, Cygnet develops technologically advanced Learning Management System for E-learning, which removes the barriers of distance and classroom teaching, thereby opening up opportunities for expansion of knowledge and education.

    Cygnet E-learning team’s technical and inventive capabilities adapt to current trends and deliver customized E-learning Solutions which enhance the learning process and reaches beyond client’s expectations.

    If you want to maximize knowledge in fruitful ways and give your student these advantages, Cygnet will be happy to assist you in your endeavor.

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