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    15 2015

    Cygnet's Dynamics CRM Solution Enhanced Client's Customer Management and Order Processing Functions

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    With its expertise on Dynamics CRM, Cygnet delivered a solution to the client who is a leading Door installation services provider and consultant company based in USA. As the client’s business was run manually, it faced challenges like ineffective communication, mismanagement of customers and orders, irregular supply cycles and servicing functions which disrupted the operations of client’s geographically dispersed business.

    Client approached Cygnet to develop a solution which could manage all business functions fulfilling the following concerns and requirements:

    • Complete automation of business processes with improved collaboration and co-ordination of sales, services, orders and supply activities to enhance customer order and services management
    • Standard platform to act as a centralized repository of all information and a medium to locate transactions details of all branches
    • Eliminate manual process of order entry and circulation of spreadsheets among various sales and project managers which was time consuming and prone to errors
    • Streamline materials receipts and processing activities which was lengthy and expensive due to mismanagement of suppliers and installers

    Dynamics CRM Solution

    Dynamics CRM Solution Offered to Doors Installation Company

    Cygnet stepped ahead and developed a solution on Dynamics CRM which overcame all the challenges of client’s business in the following way:

    • Cygnet chose Dynamics CRM cloud based technology to develop and deploy the solution as per client’s business workflow. This provided instant mobility and 24/7 access to business data to every member
    • Created a centralized system which allowed members to view information and check data on measurements and installation schedules. This made the communication and co-ordination more clear between sales and services team
    • Developed an automated background function which was scheduled to run on regular intervals for creating opportunities for customer orders in MS Dynamics CRM. This fulfilled the order to delivery cycle in less time and streamlined the whole workflow
    • Implemented custom workflow to assign orders to relevant consultant, supplier and installer which notified each person for the upcoming process. This saved a lot of follow-up time for all departments involved in processing customer orders including shipping and services department

    Devising above solutions on Dynamics CRM , Cygnet imparted huge productivity, flexibility and security to client’s business which streamlined and automated its complete customer management and order processing activities.

    Looking at the solution addressing all concerns, the client expressed deep gratitude to Cygnet’s CRM team and hoped for developing long term association with Cygnet. The team is very happy to have resolved client's issue as per his expectations and is looking forward to fulfill such challenging work in future for all its prospective clients.

    If you want to create a solution for your business requirements, Cygnet will be happy to assist you with its proficiency on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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