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Data Import Utility Tool: A Powerful Solution for Automating Data Import in CRM

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Enterprises today face the problem of too much data, when they are trying to automate their core business processes. Most businesses are laggards when it comes to the building the capability of automatically importing and exporting data in a CRM.

They rely on the conventional pen and paper record making techniques that only contribute heaps of unstructured data for think tanks to make tentative decisions.

This is where an Import Utility Tool emerge as a savior.

What is the Data Import Utility Tool?

The Data Import Utility Tool works as a plugin with any CRM database. It is compatible with older and newer versions of Microsoft’s Dynamic CRM. It can automatically import, update and delete multitudes of data in different CRM versions for any business vertical. It can also import data from varied sources and in multiple file formats. It swiftly integrates with existing CRM to upload various types of business specific information that can be shared across the enterprise for crafting of financial plans, reports, etc.

An overview of how the Data Import Utility Tool works

The Data Import Utility Tool is a customizable plugin compatible with all CRM versions. Users can log-in on-premise or online for selecting the file upload and the target entity.

To start with, users map the fields so that imported files match the records. Mapping helps instant updates in the future.

For instance,Your company plans for an email marketing campaign. In this scenario, traditionally, you will work on two sets of data:

  • One - in the CRM database
  • Two – in the import marketing tool

You will export a list of your CRM database, then import that list into the email marketing tool.The process is repeated every time you want to send out a marketing campaign via email. Unsurprisingly, it is a lengthy, tedious and costly endeavor.

To accelerate data import in CRM, you integrate the Import Utility Tool. With the help of the Import Utility Tool, now you can,

  • Import data from different sources
  • Create list and get it synchronized
  • Auto-schedule daily updates
  • Delete duplications
  • Get error reports on every record that did not upload
  • Filter error uploads for future uploads
  • Add, remove and update entries automatically within few clicks
  • Categorize data to be loaded
  • Reset fields to a specified format
  • Record updates (open/close record update)
  • Import multiple formats

Key features and benefits of the Import Utility Tool

The Import Utility Tool is designed to automate manual data import practices that consume significant time and are error-prone. The following is a list of features and benefits of having the Data Import Utility Tool integrated in your CRM.

  • It is quick and reliable tool for data import and integration
  • It helps reducing data entry and update time
  • It minimizes incidents of human error
  • It is scalable
  • It requires limited set-up time
  • It offers secure and controlled access

To sum up

An Import Utility Tool is a great solution for automating manual data entry processes. With its various features that can be configured, customized and integrated with other applications, there are various ways in which such tools can add value to your business. 

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