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Developer Tools and SaaS Capabilities for Dynamics CRM

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In order to provide more advanced features with respect to development of custom components in Dynamics CRM, Microsoft has released new tools. Till now, the developers have had difficulties in developing code-based solutions such as plug-ins, custom workflows as well as UI web resources like JavaScript. The developers have had to update such solutions with latest available version of these components from time to time.

With the new developer toolkit, developers have been granted an easier mechanism to code the additional components such as a new form or an extension to an existing schema. The recently released toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Provides integration of Dynamics CRM with Visual Studio
  • Accelerates development of custom code components
  • Enables developers to write the code from within Visual Studio
  • Enables developers to use Visual Studio 2010 templates to develop custom component projects in Dynamics CRM
  • Supports automatic deployment of code to CRM service in the cloud
  • Supports automatic deployment of code to in-premise environment
  • Supports complete development, editing and deletion of CRM Plugins and workflows
  • Supports both XAML and customer workflow activities
  • Installs browser module that can be used to browse various artifacts present within Dynamics CRM instance

Download the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Toolkit

The package can be embedded with Visual Studio 2010 development environment that enables to streamline the development of custom solution components. A familiar development studio is provided to those who are already well acquainted with Dynamics CRM development. Also, this toolkit can guide the developers who are naïve to the CRM extensibility but are well versed with VS and .NET to start coding within ten minutes. With this toolkit, the Silverlight applications can also be created, updated, deployed and deleted.

Apart from this toolkit, the below tools have also been released by Microsoft to aid developers:

  1. Plug-in profiler which can make troubleshooting plug-ins an easier and quicker job for the developers
  2. Entity Metadata Browser which can be used by developers to view the entities and their properties in the system

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