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DevOps set to change the future of Mobile App Development

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According to a DevOps report, 90 % of the time spent on mobile goes to using Mobile Apps and a typical user has installed around 30 Mobile Apps on his mobile who spends around 35 hours a month using them. (Source). Increased mobile app usage led software professionals to adapt to DevOps, the only practice that allows them to create and deliver a successful mobile app in a shorter span of time.

So, why should you opt for DevOps? 

Do you want to keep up with the fast-paced world? If your answer is ‘Yes’, you have no other choice but DevOps. Not because everybody is using it, but because you can only accomplish your goals of producing the best in the least amount of time practicing DevOps. Apps like Facebook, Google, Amazon have led users to set high expectations with continuous solutions.

Facebook updates and refreshes its app every two weeks to fix the bugs, makes it even more user friendly and brings in something new for the users every time to remain on the best list. Likewise, DevOps ensures you are creating, evolving, fixing issues time to time.  

Why now is the best time to adapt DevOps?

There is no better time than now. All successful companies are diving in DevOps. Why don’t you?

DevOps is growing fast. 71% of respondents said their company is investing in DevOps. 98% of respondents said that their organization has realized success from agile projects. (Source) Following are the benefits that can give you enough reasons to consider DevOps if you are still not using.

Faster production due to its lean and agile approach, continuous integration and continuous deployment could be the game changers. DevOps simplifies the lengthy and complicated process of mobile app development that support on multiple platforms, time to time release and updates provide chances to correct and innovate. Collaboration and active participation leads to better quality, and you can identify and fix the bugs even before users realize.

Understand the need to use DevOps while creating Mobile Apps

Businesses tend to demand faster delivery of Mobile Applications to create their presence in the market as soon as possible. This does not give enough time to create a perfect package of an app to launch. What do you do in a situation like this? There is a very simple solution, Use DevOps.

When you need to deliver the app faster with continuous updates, DevOps is the key. DevOps ensures stable release and environment. Despite of having limited time at hand, you cannot afford to make mistakes while creating apps. Thus, you need to address the problems even before the end users get impacted. At times like these, DevOps saves the day.

If your clients require faster production and time to time releases, implementing a DevOps set up is necessary. Afterwards, you can keep a check to ensure the success of adapting such practices. Make sure your teams are collaborating, the cost, time and efforts have reduced, continuous improvement is visible and you are achieving common goals.

Organizations practicing DevOps approach tend to deploy 200 times more frequently, with 2,555 times faster lead times, recover 24 times faster, and have three times lower change failure rates. (Source). With more and more organization adapting DevOps approach, it can become challenging to keep growing with the conventional business model. If you do not accelerate the process of producing satisfying and competitive mobile apps fast enough, you can be swept off in this fast-paced world.

In the end, it all comes down to ‘Right People, Right Process and Right Tools to deliver the End Result.’

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