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Document Management System Improve Information Processing and Boost Productivity

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Organizations generate and store mountains of valuable data, but find it difficult to sort it for maximum efficiency.  Most businesses around the world are facing the challenge of information overload, and the abundance of data can create several headaches for a company: 

  • Investment of too much time and effort in managing documents
  • Difficulty in accessing valuable data in real time
  • Incorrect versioning causes incalculable loss of time and efforts
  • Data replication creates confusion and takes up space for storage
  • Data visible only on certain operating systems and devices
  • Storing paper documents takes up space, increases data maintain expenses
  • Critical data lost due to inadequate data back up and/or lack of digital data

Document Management System – Damming the Data Deluge

The term ‘DMS’ refers to the use of scanners, computers, and other Internet-enabled devices like tablets or smartphones, to store, index, secure and manage documents for easy retrieval, audit and collaboration. EDMs (Electronic Document Management systems), deployed by major enterprises in the 1990s, can be seen as precursors to the modern document management system. By implementing a document management system, companies can streamline and automate most parts of the document management cycle. 

What does a DMS do?

It manages all your organizational data in a predictable and repeatable format for a large number of end users, makes the data available to all the devices across your organizations (you can set access rights), makes the data available to multiple applications, allows employees to collaborate on project while automating the process of version control, creates backup copies to ensure that no data is ever lost. In short, a customized DMS helps you create and implement the most optimum document management program. 

Using a DMS, your company can: 

  • Slash the cost of storing and maintaining documents
  • Automate data collection and minimize human efforts
  • Simplify data retrieval through a centralized repository that every employee can access
  • Establish access control and set up secure access to levels of data
  • Foster collaboration and eliminate versioning errors
  • Improve data security by digitalizing and backing up all information
  • Set up search function to enable instant access to any part of the data
  • Elevate the level of information processing and sharing in the organization

Does your Business need a DMS?

The process of developing and deploying a DMS is not overly complicated. For small business, an off-the-shelf DMS can work with minor tweaks. For mid-to-large enterprises, customization holds the key. In order to make the DMS work for you, you need someone to understand your work process, existing document management procedure, and the context within which the data is used. Armed with this knowledge, the team of developers can customize and set up a DMS that helps you improve information flow and boost product.

Looking for DMS development? Cygnet has worked for several industries, and chances are that we already understand your business processes and documentation needs. We would love to help you!

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