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Do's and Dont's of Mobile App Marketing via Social Media

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The usage of mobile phones in the last 5 years has increased to a huge extent. With this leap, several mobile applications have been introduced which are available in various app stores such as Play Store, iStore, etc. In these scenarios, standing out from 5,00,000 plus mobile apps is a challenge, especially when the market is estimated to be worth $25 billion by 2015. Chances of getting to the top in the niche market is already saturated and hence the discoverability and possibility of reaching to the right target audience quickly is no rocket science. In these conditions, mobile app marketing via social media is the best option especially when you are on a tight budget.

We all know that the importance of social media in today’s time has grown by leaps and bounds. It has become more a necessity than an option to survive in the global marketplace and achieve success. Several companies have developed their presence on social media just to promote their brands and services on different platforms and websites. From product advertising to announcements to services promotion, social media is the one that provides quick and efficient results.

Dos Donts Of Mobile App Marketing Via Social Media

Mobile application marketing through social media can help you reach the widest and sharply targeted audience in no time. Mobile apps are being used by people of all age groups for recreational, informational and many other purposes. And this is why no other platform on the Internet could give your apps the exposure as good as social media. However, when you set out to market your apps on social media, you need to keep your eyes and mind

open as marketing on social media can either make or shake your strategy. Hence, you should have a planned mobile application marketing strategy on social media which requires appropriate research before you dive into this deep ocean.

There are several Do’s and Don’ts of mobile app marketing via social media as highlighted in the following paragraphs that can really help you hit the right audience and help your increase moile app downlobad rates.

Do’s of Mobile App Marketing via Social Media

  1. Use Promoted TweetsCreate a buzz about your app on Twitter with Promoted Tweets. Promoted Tweets are a great way to capture the attention of customers.
  2. Connect with prospects via LinkedIn and FacebookUsers who frequently use LinkedIn and Facebook can become your possible customers. Just connect with them and promote about your application which would be displayed on their notification bars or news feed.
  3. Promote on YouTube - Create a video to demonstrate the working of your app and promote it on YouTube.
  4. App Reviews - Submit your application reviews on relevant blogs, websites and press releases
  5. Use QR Codes – Create QR codes and publish them on different social media platforms from where customers can scan the code and download the app.
  6. Answer Every Comment – People like it when they get reply for what they say instead of getting avoided. Be sure to answer every comment and specially be constructive when their comments are negative.
  7. Delete Negative Comments – Be alert and quick to delete negative comments before they can ruin your app marketing strategy.
  8. Be Active - Be always active in putting useful, informative and interesting updates which can drive customer engagement and keep them updated.
  9. Be Participative and Polite - Post and comment everywhere that is relevant to your mobile app but in a polite manner.

With these Do’s come several Don’ts which you should avoid while promoting your apps on social media which are as mentioned below:

Don’ts of Mobile App Marketing via Social Media

  1. Don’t be a Marketer, Be a Friend – While promoting your application on social media, avoid being a marketer who pushes the product. Instead be a friend and develop a healthy conversation which can really convince your prospect.
  2. Don’t Make Mistakes – Avoid mistakes in typing and publishing things as even a small mistake is enough to portray your negative image.
  3. Don’t Make False Statement – Just for the sake of increasing downloads of your app, do not make false statements and claims. Say what your app can really do.
  4. Don’t Use the Same Strategy - Do not use the same strategy for every social media platform you are promoting your app on. Do remember each social media platform has different dynamics and needs to be utilized accordingly.

Now when you know that social media can be utilized in many way, it's up to you to decide what strategy will be more effective and how you exactly want it to work. Be creative while promoting your apps to create the curiosity among the users and make sure that you make it about them, not about you. In short, always publish from their perspective. On the other hand, make sure that your app is powerful enough that it can be recommended to others. Social media makes it undoubtedly popular but like I said before that your app must be substantial and worth recommending to others.


At the end, what you can get out of the social media promotion is what your customers want. The primary reason is that you can connect with your users better and find such more potential customers. Social media is essential to make your mobile applications popular. So make the most of it with planned strategy and research.

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