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    27 2017

    Enhance Product Experience by Improvising Your Testing Process

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    Around 52% users uninstall Mobile Apps due to bad user experience, and Forrester Research proved that a better UX can increase conversion of a website up to 400% by incorporating UX feedback from Testing team.

    There are many factors that affect performance of your product. Apart from one of the major, designing aspect, it is necessary to ensure smooth performance through continuous testing feedback. Thus, it is mandatory to check UI consistency and behavior, usability testing, designs, layout etc.

    When it comes to testing, understand the fact that a Bug-Free Product does not exist. Though you cannot claim the product being bug-free, you can solve all the defects concerning user experience. Cygnet Team performs appropriate testing after setting criteria to not miss any issues that hinder UX experience, and provide smooth user experience where user can operate without any help.

    There is no master plan and with numerous ways to test products, you need to have a clear idea of how would you go about it. Cygnet QA Team has penned these 6 life-saving tips that will help you deliver better quality tested products while saving time and resources.


    Testing begins from the very beginning of the development. Your methods of testing could be different with each product depending upon the type of the product. Use a combination of tests when it comes to test methods like Automated and Manual; Alpha and Beta; Functional and Performance Testing. Instead of choosing one of these, you can opt for both partly according to your need and time you have in hand for accurate results.

    It is a Myth - Automated Testing is cheaper since it does not require a group of People. Each time you invest into new tools, you will need to train your employees which will cost you money and time. Have the right reasons for using Automated or Manual Testing. Choose what suits your needs and not what is trending in the market!


    Although not a method of testing, this is the most essential part. To ensure scalability and performance, you will need to test it in all the environments it is going to be used in. When products are made for Global audience, it becomes necessary to check whether it will be supported across geographies, has multilingual feature, will support OS frequent upgrades, has relevant social media tools etc. Testing should be done keeping the target audience in mind, their region and language.

    Cygnet QA team understands the project and requirements of the clients, creates test plans to make the process smooth and get accurate results. Not only that, we build test environments by requesting/building hardware, software and data set up to get more accurate results.


    Fixing bugs can hinder your present or untouched features. That is when, the mandatory ‘Regression Testing’ comes in to the picture. You may decide upon the amount of testing needed based on the changes while fixing the bugs. Hence, decide the time and required areas where performance must be ensured and test them perfectly.


    The key to most successful testing process is well planned test plan, design, strategy reports and exclusively maintaining documentation for all tests. Tools for different kind of testing are quite known but Testing Managements are often put on sides which need not be neglected. Testing Management Tools will not only keep a record of your test cases but maintain various versions with all the modifications done. This will help you compare tests and avoid repetitive mistakes.

    Test small portions instead of the whole chunk. To explain with a metaphor, while building a motor bike, all separate parts like lights, engine, gear, headlights are built and checked before assembling. After assembling without testing, if the bike does not start, there is no knowing where the fault is? Yet, if all of them are in working condition, it is expected the bike would work too. Similarly, while testing, it is important to check performance of individual functions before confirming the whole.


    Usually, Business Analysts and Project Managers are the ones who are involved in the first stage and Testers enter much later. This often creates confusions and issues for testers due to lack of information and clarity on the product. To remove these problems and save time you can include your testing team in important discussions, meetings, decisions concerning the project for better understanding from the beginning. That will smoothen the testing process along with more ideas and quicker solutions from the testing team.


    Effective communication with the client from the beginning will smoothen development and testing process. At times, your client might want some changes with features or add some functions which could be done easily while you are working on it rather than making changes after finishing the whole.

    To come to fruition, testing right is the key! Software projects take a lot of investment, support, nurturing and again a lot of hard work and dedication, including the best practices ensure that you are delivering the right user experience to your customers. Cygnet QA team would love to share more, write to us at

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