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Delivering end-to-end enterprise mobility services in the public transport domain

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One of the independent software vendors from UK, managing IT infrastructure for public transport in multiple counties, approached Cygnet to leverage our enterprise mobility services.

Our client offers multiple travel and traffic management products and services based on UTMC, RTIG, SIRI, and other industry recognized protocols to counties in UK that help traffic management authorities to model, monitor and control traffic effectively within the limited road network.

We were approached to deliver a real time transport solution that users could interrogate to easily obtain the information they seek.

Critical information to be displayed on the mobile application included:

  • All bus stops on the map
  • Routes, arrival, departure
  • Bus schedules
  • Roadworks
  • Incidents and congestion
  • Google traffic
  • Events
  • CCTV
  • Information signs

The effectivity of the mobile application as a single source of truth relied on a backend system that could capture real-time information about accidents, roadworks, congestion, air quality, bus schedules, etc. from different sources, engineer it and broadcast in a consumable format.

To achieve this, it was critical for the backend system to;

  • Interact with different scheduling systems, network infrastructure and electronic ticket machines (ETMs) to capture real time traffic data feeds
  • Filter raw traffic feeds available over the network and present it in real time on the mobile interface to the passengers
  • Enable traffic management authorities to effectively manage traffic and bus service operators
  • Empower operators to improve decision making based on the real time data

As a service provider, we were involved throughout the software development lifecycle. A team of 29 differently skilled engineers were deployed to successfully execute the project over a period of 12 months.

Initial business analysis took almost 2 months to bring project on the floor for development and parallelly testing that lasted for 7 months, and the remaining 3 for implementing on-site and performing functional, user and system acceptance tests.

The team for this project comprised of 1 Client Success Manager, 1 Subject Matter Expert, 1 Program Manager, 1 Technical Project Manager, 2 Business Analysts, 3 Designers, 12 Developers, 4 Testers, 1 QA and 3 implementation experts.

Matrix & Hierarchy Hybrid Structure for Delivery

Public Transport Blog Image

During the entire solution development journey,

  • Business analysts prepared more than 50 functional and non-functional use cases and accordingly designed the wireframes using Axure wireframe
  • Designers designed 6 UI designs for the backend admin interface and 18 in total for iOS, Android and Windows mobile operating systems
  • Business intelligence developers used Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (Enterprise Editions) to ensure that the system,
    • Captures data from ticket machines, network infrastructure and other sources
    • Extracts data to filter, clean, transform and load in the data warehouse to model dashboards and generate reports
  • Developers used C#, .Net and WCF for other modules
  • Testers prepared more than 100 tests and tested the application inside out on mobile and web by performing database, web services, cross browser, data-driven, load and regression testing.

We provided the following services,

  • Business, technical and risk analysis along with a risk mitigation strategy
  • Wireframes for the application
  • Complete UI and UX design
  • Development of the application
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Deployment on production
  • Making it available on iOS, Android and Windows app stores

In the end, we developed an enterprise mobile solution that enabled passengers to;

  • View Real Time/Scheduled Bus departure and arrival information
  • Find a bus stop anywhere within the network using a street name
  • Locate me
  • View current disruption
  • View any incidents and accidents
  • Record favorite bus stops for quick reference
  • Get live updates via SMS and on Twitter

Public transport operators to,

  • Manage bus services effectively
  • Draw infinite flexible transport routes
  • Predict journey times based on the historic data, current road events, and real time traffic updates from trusted data sources
  • Perform trend analysis
  • Identify congestion severity
  • Timely communication helped to enhance customer experience and patronage

Public transport authorities to,

  • Minimize investments on traffic management infrastructure
  • Overcome alarming congestion problem
  • Maximize service availability to the passengers’
  • Reduce travel time
  • Strategize, plan, control and execute strategies using reliable data
  • Maximize the value of investments
  • Effectively manage different level of users
  • Readily adopt new components and services in the future

Since the successful implementation of real time transport solution in 2 counties, it has received great reception and is being tested across other 8 counties in UK.

Cygnet is now a trusted and reliable service partner for the client and is committed to forging a long-term win-win relationship. As the acceptance of this solution is applauded within UK, it is also now being conceptualized for Australia.

The client has reservations with our capabilities as we,

  • Provided access to end-to-end enterprise mobility services under a single roof
  • Freed our client to focus on managing customer relationships and market product capabilities
  • Helped to significantly reduce the development cost
  • Ensured quick turn-around time for deliverables
  • Managed skilled resources and ensured their sustainability
  • Effectively managed cost, quality and timely deliverables
  • Ensured maintenance and support throughout
  • Accelerated project execution whenever required

Cygnet has been consistently delivering enterprise mobility solution in the public transport domain, which has resulted in the availability of;

  • Best techniques and in-house smart frameworks
  • Expert team with relevant experiences in native and cross-platform app development
  • Latest tools and technology
  • Techniques that ensure rapid roll-out of the solution

So if you are looking to transform your business with powerful and result-oriented mobility solutions, get in touch and tell us about your project requirements and allow us to deliver a cutting edge enterprise solution. For more information, please drop in your enquiries at inquiry@cygnet-infotech.com or if you have got more to discuss on this, let’s start a conversation in the comments section.

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