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All You Wanted To Know About Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning Software

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Epicor is an innovative Enterprise Resource Planning software suite, offering solutions for supply chain management, human resource management, customer relationship management and a lot more. Its powerful software package empowers you to improvise processes to boost productivity, increase revenues and enhance customer satisfaction.

With Epicor ERP in place, you can look forward to precise, valuable and timely information on the most critical aspects of your business operations.

Epicor ERP solutions have gained wide acceptance among mid-market organizations where it has helped corporates to optimize the use of important resources for driving profitable growth. The solution is tailored to meet the distinctive need of the specific industry in which a corporate may be operating.

What's Epicor Good for?

Epicor offers a comprehensive ERP software package that simplifies operations and coordination across functions in a manufacturing organization. It allows you to track your production activities in real time. With Epicor ERP you have the most precise and updated information regarding the work flow, which empowers you to plan and schedule more effectively. The package not only adds agility to your decision making process, but also makes it more robust and dependable.

Built on a unified data model and implemented using the latest technology, Epicor ERP will help you with minutest details on your manufacturing process, so that you can make quick proactive decisions. Epicor ERP comes with business process management, which empowers companies to execute process improvements, which is crucial for success in a competitive business environment. Epicor ERP is ideally suited for global manufacturers as it helps integrate their operations with suppliers and customers.

Any Pitfalls?

In the past, a few businesses have found after beginning implementation that Epicor was not the perfect fit for their organization. Also, there have been concerns about Epicor support from a few quarters. But, on the flip side, there are many enterprises happy with their Epicor ERP system. So, just make sure you do a thorough analysis of the system and hire experience ERP customization experts to ensure best results.

Why Choose Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning Software?

Name you can Trust

  1. Epicor ERP Software has been able to establish a large base of customers ever since it started operations in 1972. Currently, Epicor ERP has over 20,000 customers spread in 150 countries. To suit to the regional needs, Epicor ERP software supports over 30 languages. The target market segment so far has been primarily mid-sized corporates, which have over 100 employees.

  2. Tailored to meet your Unique Needs

    Epicor ERP has been widely accepted across a range of industries, which include retail, manufacturing, hospitality and services. The core strength of Epicor ERP lies in the multitude of solutions, each specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of an industry.

    For instance, Epicor ERP has been fine-tuned and customized to meet the specific requirements of industries like medical devices, metal fabrication, automotive manufacturing, rubber and plastics and many others.

  3. Global Support

    Epicor ERP can efficiently take local needs into account for companies operating on a global level. So, if your business has a worldwide reach, by implementing Epicor ERP you need not worry about the geographical differences in regulations and taxes or the integration of the operations. Besides, Epicor has more than 300 authorized partners and 4000 employees to ensure that customers are supported 24/7.

  4. Versatile

    To meet the needs of smaller organizations, Epicor ERP also comes as a SaaS offering. About 70 of the existing 9500 customers in the manufacturing domain use Epicor ERP virtually.

    If you are looking for a software engineering company that can provide you end-to-end services for Epicor ERP, Contact Us.

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