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    10 2017

    Everything is “DESIGN”. Everything!

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    Product Design - Cygnet Infotech

    “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works and engages the User”.

    The design phase of Software Product Engineering talks about the User Flow, Interaction & Information architecture of the product which is established on the basis of user requirements. During this phase of PDLC, the users transition from “What” to “How “?

    At Cygnet Infotech, the Design team follows watertight processes to develop a software product which ensures nothing but the best UI/UX. The team adheres to the following principles:

    • Requirement Understanding where the design team listens to the stakeholders and understand the objectives, functional requirements and technology constraints. Through their understanding, the design team prepares branding guide style where they point out details of visual elements, typography and color-palette.
    • Design team creates designs in the form of wireframes or non-functional HTML prototype by using tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Axure and Balsmiq. At Cygnet, the design team creates unique as well as memorable digital experiences by paying attention to the macro and the micro details of the design.
    • UI/HTML designs are created after it is approved by the client. We use the best design tools like Brackets, Dreamweaver, Sublime. These are the functional HTML prototypes which lays the foundation for the final product.

    Product design is one of the pillars of PDLC, one that transforms a problem into a solution.

    We are a team of talented design professionals with in-depth knowledge and application, well equipped with solid understanding of industry-standard architectures and best practices.  

    We believe “Design is thinking made visual”.

    Cygnet Infotech can help you manifest your ideas. So if you have one, let’s talk.

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