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Future of Application Development and its Sustenance with Time

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Technology is the most dynamic commercial area that is advancing rapidly. Having said that, software companies need to respond quickly to continuously evolving tech landscape. In the same context, the technical teams also need to know how to develop web and mobile applications that can sustain with time and match the current market trends.

Every organization needs technology for their business growth. Innovative ways of steering businesses are increasing the demands of building web and mobile applications. Startups, SMEs and enterprise businesses all need apps but majorly don’t have time or technical expertise to develop them.

App development has done great business in the last number of years. It includes apps for the masses as well as enterprises.

Here are some key features that will transform App development in the near future:

  1. A. Globalization of App Development Opportunities

Application development companies will further face competition from markets with lesser per hour development rates. The U.S. charges maximum rates for web application development. Then comes Australia and the U.K. In contrast, Singapore, India and Indonesia charge the lower rates compared to its western counterparts.

According to a guest article on TechCrunch, the growth of mobile application development in Singapore and Indonesia is linked to their smartphone adoption. As in these countries, smartphone demands are still flourishing.

Software companies in the U.S. will have to shield themselves by growing in new international markets and becoming complete service stack providers around web and mobile application development.

  1. B. New Technologies and Advanced Device Development

Smartphone will no longer be the only app engine as new technologies like Internet of things (IoT) are penetrating the global business markets with smart connected homes, cars, televisions and wearables apps.

IoT has been turning into an all-encompassing solution for any connected device that is not a desktop, smartphone or tablet. It has targeted some of the business areas that include retail, health, innovative infrastructure and agriculture and is growing in other domains as well.

  1. C. New Development Tools are lowering Quality of App Development

The frequency of free application development interfaces and software kits are making app development functionalities easy but these easy-to-implement tools significantly lower the quality of app development.

The added functionalities can’t keep-up with the app performance and user behavior. The app developers who know their target users can create better development environment and take the right decision in choosing the best technology tools.

  1. D. Market Demands - Sturdy but Uncontrolled

The demand for apps from both enterprises and startups is not presumed to fall. However, software companies will be constrained by low-cost international markets and increased freelancing practices. This practices are leading to decrease in the profit margins of many organizations.

The multiplier effect of adopting new technology platforms and increasing usage of connected applications from wearables, homes, cars and so forth are reducing the demands of traditional applications. Business startups majorly lack technology expertise. However, they have advantage of lucrative venture capital investments. The application development contracts with startups may not be as lucrative as that of the enterprises, but they are in ample demand and take faster business decisions as compared to larger organizations.

  1. E. Dominance of Ecommerce

The dominance of E-commerce is progressing in the commercial markets. Ecommerce business is completely based on online transactions. People pay for goods and services. Profit margins are definitely lower; however, the total revenue is healthy.

According to statistics available for online shopping, it indicates that around 22% of the ecommerce sales in the U.S. was generated via mobile in 2015. This m-commerce sales numbers are expected to surge to 25% in 2016 and 27% in 2018. These statistics exclude business apps which are used in multiple commercial areas.

Key Takeaways:

Through this blog we can conclude that demand for both web and mobile app development is on the rise and much won’t change in the coming years. The app development companies will get sufficient business opportunities if they are able stay abreast with top business and technology trends.

For any web or mobile application development related queries, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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