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    15 2015

    Grails vs Ruby on Rails vs Play Framework

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    When it comes to developing web applications, the leading opensource technologies that comes to one’s mind are Ruby on Rails, Play framework and Grails. However, many a times it happens that the team faces a lot of challenges while choosing among these technologies.

    Are you at a point where you are not able to decide which opensource framework would best suit your rapid application development requirements? Here is a good comparison chart of Grails vs Ruby on Rails vs Play framework that one of our open source technology experts has shared. Let’s take a look at it.

    Grails Vs Ruby On Rails Vs Play Framework

    In the above comparison chart, one can see that Grails stands at par with Ruby on Rails while it exceeds the Play framework in many ways. Grails also surpasses Ruby on Rails in some factors such as programming language support, design patterns, ease of use, etc. Looking at the above comparison, it is clear that Grails is one of the best open source technologies of today’s time and should be opted over Ruby on Rails and Play framework for all your rapid web application development requirements.

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