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How Business-Driven Test Automation Solves Traditional Test Automation Challenges

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Test automation today has not just remained a traditional testing practice rather, it has evolved to become a mature, business-driven testing program that ensures better test-coverage, scalability and productivity in the entire efforts of testing to deliver quality software applications and systems.

Business-driven test automation is an approach to testing in which QA practices are implemented and measured against business goals along with a defined testing goal. While the focus of traditional test automation is restricted mainly to metrics of testing, i.e. quality, productivity, performance, etc. business-driven test automation analyzes and captures business rules.

In business-driven testing, the entire testing process is driven by business metrics derived from specific business objectives. This approach imparts a lot of flexibility to the QA team as test scripts can be changed to suit the changing business automation needs.

With these, business-driven test automation tends to solve a lot of challenges that crop up in traditional testing practices.

Challenges Solved by Business-Driven Test Automation

Eliminates Costs

Business-driven test automation greatly reduces the costs of creating and maintaining different test scripts. While in the traditional testing, test scripts need to be maintained and updated to suit the product changes, modern business-driven test automation removes the overhead of maintaining and changing scripts as they are broadly based on continuous business scenario and process.

Reduces Dependency on Test Automation Experts

More than a technical expert or test engineer, business-driven test automation is dependent on skilled business analysts. Thus, the people who actually have a thorough understanding of business rules drive the test exercise. This reduces the dependency on a technical team of testers.

Eliminates Redundancies of Framework Design

Designing a test automation framework requires expertise on the part of the creator. A poor design of the framework can result in the deviations and increased maintenance costs. As business-driven test automation is based on the guidelines and structure provided by the business analysts, there are no chances of redundancies or deviations from the actual goal.

Removes Platform Lock-in

Unlike traditional test automation which typically gets locked-in a single platform and cannot be changed, business-driven test automation works independent of platform. This helps users to change the application platform based on business suitability.

Reduces Documentation Time

Since there are no frequent changes in the test processes and business goals, the requirements documented once can be used over and over again. Thus, it reduces the time and efforts in modification of frameworks and documents.

Although test automation provides faster time-to-market, it is imperative to think beyond the traditional test automation approaches to achieve effectiveness, quality and performance of products in line with business objectives.

Business-driven test automation opens avenues for software companies and QA firms to realize the goals and avail benefits of test automation fully to deliver software products while ensuring business profitability.

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