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Nourished a Start Up with a Right Technology Pedigree – Here’s How Cygnet Helped to Script a Phenomenal Business Story

Cygnet Infotech

25+ vendors critically evaluated, hundreds of emails exchanged, messengers flooded with messages, phone bills outnumbering the combined cost of the development team and yet our client stood unsure about the capabilities of other IT companies to deliver a mobile app for sports enthusiasts in Milton Keynes.

Our client, a master sportsman with keen interest in different games, approached Cygnet inquiring about our technology and sports wisdom to deliver a mobile application.

Having a strong presence in UK, we were prompt to respond to the client’s inquiry, and put in one of our best account managers to nourish the idea. Our account manager, himself being a sports enthusiast could clearly understand client’s business objective and answer all his queries resulting in a good repo that further improved our credibility to deliver the mobile application.

Before banking on our application development expertise, our client evaluated our sensitivity towards results of the India Vs England cricket matches, English Premier League (EPL) knowledge and the recently concluded Olympics (RIO 2016) performances and medals tally.

What is the app all about?

The mobile app is a social networking app for sports enthusiasts with an element of physical presence. It enables people to find, match, chat and meet sports enthusiasts around. It is a great networking platform for local sports events and gyms, and a gateway to meet new people to train, play different games and actively participate in the outdoor activities. 

You can find people of similar interests, team members, sports groups and discuss sports event within the app. It is like a social networking app for universities in Australia that Cygnet’s team re-engineered.

But the client acquisition and delivery were not easy

The client came to us with a half-baked iOS app. He wanted us to use the existing code and further extend functionalities of the application. Since the code of the application had loopholes, we could use very few lines of the code. 

The client was adamant about his vision leaving very little room for us to accommodate new ideas in the app, however, we managed to boost the app with additional features on agreement with the client.

Following are highlights of our approach that helped us to win the client and deliver a top-notch mobile application.

UK visit

In response to the client’s inquiry, and after few initial calls, we were all set to start mobile app development. We could sense immense scope of the mobile application not just in Milton Keynes, but in the international market as well.

After few virtual meetings, our account manager met the client in UK and further instil client’s confidence in our technology expertise.

During this meeting, the app development milestones, development approach, client expectations and development efforts were agreed upon. This helped to clearly define the project outline.

Being a sports enthusiast worked wonders

The best part of this visit was, both; the client and our account manager being sports enthusiasts could easily understand the nitty gritty of the mobile application and the purpose for which it was being developed.

The application was initially meant only for Milton Keynes, but it has now been extended to different counties and has been receiving rave reviews.

Technology expertise

The development team was readied for the delivery of the application. The application development was headed by a project manager accompanied with a team of two developers and a tester.

Right from the outset, clear communication ensured timely delivery of the application. The app development was planned in a way that it could accommodate ad-hoc requirements and change requests without hindering the deliverables.

Slightest of the change in the deliverables were discussed and agreed with the client prior execution to keep the project on track and within budget.  

User Acceptance Test (UAT)

Prior the launch of the application, the app was minutely scrutinized by local sports enthusiasts of Milton Keynes. Not one, not two, but more than 40 UAT testers from the client side simultaneously used the application to check performance, user interface, navigation, response time and effectiveness.

In the end,

After three months of development efforts, the team delivered a highly flexible and scalable mobile application that could accommodate 1000 concurrent users.

The application has an immersive user interface leaving the users glued to the application helping in mouth-to-mouth publicity.

The application has been developed for iOS and Android mobile application platforms.

The mobile application has an ambitious growth plan and Cygnet’s team has laid down a very strong foundation for the app’s unprecedented growth.    

As an IT services provider, we offered,

  • Technical, business analysis and risk mitigation strategy
  • Wireframes and UI / UX designs
  • Development of the application
  • Testing services
  • Integration with existing system
  • Deployment on iOS and Android app stores

The benefits that we extended to our client,

  • We freed our client to focus on client acquisition and retention
  • Helped to reduce the development cost
  • Managed and sustained skilled-resources
  • Our app development repository enabled us to deliver quickly and efficiently
  • We managed, cost, quality and delivery

After successfully launching the application, our team is now working on the second phase of the application.

As an IT services provider, we have extensive knowledge in different technologies. Having served clients from 29+ countries, we have in-depth knowledge of different businesses that help us to deliver robust mobile, web and cloud-based solutions.

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For discussing your disrupting idea, email us at inquiry@cygnetinfotech.com

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