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How Digital Content Management Solutions Can Add Value to your Digital Signage Marketing

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Ever been to a restaurant having a large LCD screen on? Remember how your eyes naturally move towards the screen? It is natural. And it’s not just large LCD signs – media appliances of various sizes can be strategically used to grab attention of the people. Whether it is a busy street junction, mall, restaurant or a lobby section of any clinic, digital displays can help you reach out to your target audience.

The first digital signage devices were hardly anything more than glorified hoardings. But, today's digital signage is a lot more than just a replacement for static messages or images. Change from flat screen to LCD/plasma with an ability to communicate with computer network and receive new content has made digital signage marketing ROI efficient.

Today, the challenge in the management of digital displays is about the distribution of the right message at the right time across a wide range of devices with different dimensions.

Similar to Web CMS, Digital Signage CMS can be premise-based or hosted platform. Technology is flexible, giving you the freedom to start with one display and later expand your device network as per campaign needs and feedback.

Content Management Solutions Can Add Value To Your Digital Signage Marketing
Below are some of the features of a digital signage content management system that can help you enhance the effectiveness of your digital signage campaigns.

1. Managing content for the Displays

Central management of content for the displays helps with instant delivery of content across multi-location adjustments of displays, along with lowering up-front costs. You can create content from scratch using the editor, or use templates.

In addition, you can also setup automatic content generation based on the integration with data sources (say any in-house portal, CRM or ERP systems, RSS News feeds etc.)

2. Streaming Videos

Streaming videos can also be included in your signage content to showcase events such as sports or any local events, or even news alerts on weather or other emergencies.

3. Remote Maintenance ability

Digital displays have their own identity on the IT network with unique IP addresses. So, basically it is like any other device on your network with easy troubleshooting features like remote screenshot, remote configuration update and job execution of common tasks.

4. Add Interactivity to Display message

There are many ways to start "conversation" with the people who are reading the messages or watching videos on your displays. One of them is touch-interactive displays or kiosks.

But if you wish to deter any kind of touch-based interaction with your devices, you can always create displays that allow your viewers to use their smartphones or tablets to interact digitally with your displays. E.g. Use of QR codes to give follow up information on your business, say directions or a map to your office. SMS (Short Message Service) or texting to respond to a promotion or qualify for a ticket for an event.

5. Schedule the timings of Content on the displays

By scheduling different types of content at different times, you can ensure that the content is always fresh for your viewers.

6. Targeted Messaging

With DCMS ability, you get the freedom of targeting your message to specific displays located in specific regions at specific messages. E.g. Displays near the college areas can highlight the message meaningful to the youngsters, while the content strategy of the same product or service can vary on the displays shown in the corporate buildings.

And what we have covered so far is just the tip of the iceberg. With new technology breakthrough, more and more is becoming possible. Here are some of the interesting trends which are transforming the digital device market:

  • Predictive and Analytics reports based on historical and predictive data to determine the success of content on displays.
  • Integrating Social media into signage and increasing engagement and interactions.
  • Within an enterprise, digital signage can be a critical instrument in facilitating internal communications.

Are you in the process of setting up of Digital signs for your business? Then we can help you build a custom content management solution that meets your marketing strategy.

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