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How Enterprise Can Leverage the Power of Windows Azure

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Cloud computing has already gained enough attention from the well-established enterprises and small businesses across the world. More and more businesses are approaching for cloud computing with a curiosity to know how it can help them overcome a few critical business issues.

The Microsoft Cloud computing needs that a computing platform exists out there in the cloud on which all the remote apps can run smoothly. Today, a number of vendors provide cloud platforms, such as Amazon, IBM, Google and so on, but one cloud platform is rapidly becoming a hot piece of cake among the enterprises and that is Microsoft's "Windows Azure".

Windows Azure is Microsoft's cloud-based application platform intended to help businesses and enterprises develop, manage and host applications off-site.windows azure application Development allows you to scale up and pull back capacity as needed, enabling services to be arranged around periods of a huge demand. Moreover, moving your applications and services to the Azure will ensure that you leverage from 24x7 and enterprise class service powered by reliable SLA's from Microsoft while enjoying a rich Azure online service experience.

Today, enterprises started to see Microsoft's Windows Azure Infrastructure Services as a rock-solid alternative to the existing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) options. With Windows Azure, Microsoft is making a huge play for enterprise infrastructure services. Microsoft has made some tremendous improvements over the beta version, which includes upgraded virtual machine image templates as well as a huge price reduction for IaaS and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Apart from Microsoft's technical support and an enterprise service level agreement, what more Windows Azure brings to enterprises? Why should enterprise changes the way they're doing their business and adopt Windows Azure? Let's check it out!

  • It is the only platform that is totally cloud enabled and provide robust support for IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service), which helps enterprises eliminate complexity and flexibility issues. It empowers organizations to utilize PaaS & IaaS where it is possible to use them. With Windows Azure, you can use either both together or independently, which is a huge benefit as compared to the cloud solutions provided by the other vendors.
  • It enables enterprises to integrate what they have, such as Windows Server, System Center, Linux and so on.
  • Windows Azure provides ample support to the various programming languages like .NET, Java, Node.js, Python, and data services for No SQL, SQL and Hadoop. Moreover, it can be used with plenty of developer tools like GitHub and Team Foundation Servers, which empower developers to create applications more effective and smoothly. It will improve the productivity of the developers, which at the end help organizations to leverage from faster development of their applications.
  • Secure enough to store your enterprise-level data. Storing a huge amount of confidential data has always been a critical problem for the enterprises, but Windows Azure lets the enterprise store their data security with the help of Windows Azure Storage+ StorSimple, Windows Azure Online Backup or SQL Availability Groups. It allows enterprises to store, backup and recover their confidential and enterprise-level data in the cloud at a much lower cost than that of using SAN technology.
  • Helps enterprises to mobilize their business process. Windows Azure enables organizations to streamline their common development tasks like structuring storage, integration of push notifications and configuring user authentication on the go. It brings compatibility with Windows Phone 8, iOS, Android and HTML5 development, which help businesses to get maximum benefit from their cloud computing investment.
  • Want to tap into the power of bid data? Azure can help you! Enterprises can easily tap into the power of big data by pairing their Azure websites with HDInsight to mine any size of data and compelling business analytics, helping businesses to make adjustments to get the best possible business results.
  • Azure also empowers enterprises to respond quickly to business requirements and let them market their business more quickly.

Apart from all these, Windows Azure brings a whole host of benefits like reduced cost, interoperability, data center in the cloud, security and something for everyone. Moreover, it enables enterprises to create very scalable web apps with background processing.

So, it definitely makes sense for the enterprises to go for Windows Azure to streamline their business process while leveraging from secure, robust and scalable cloud platform. What's your take on this?

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