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    19 2016

    How Mobile Apps are Advancing Healthcare Industry

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    How Mobile Apps are Advancing Healthcare Industry

    Innovative mobile applications have impacted the app store and there is a budding popularity of these apps amongst the end users. Mobile apps have not only proved their mark in entertainment domain, but have also grown in other industries.

    Healthcare industry has been the early adopter of IT, however with requirement to build an effective compliance program being effective for healthcare organizations, it has matured over a period of time. Earlier IT was majorly used by healthcare industry experts, however now it is also adopted by patients. Healthcare mobile apps are beneficial for both medical professionals and patients, with individual or merged requirements.

    Healthcare industry is growing at a swift speed owing to its consolidated services and increasing global investment by private and public players. The global mobile health market is expected to raise at a CAGR of 33.5% throughout 2015-2020, as per a research report by Allied Market Research.

    Cygnet's expertise in mobile technologies has assisted many healthcare organizations. Here we have discussed some of the related scenarios.

    Cygnet is Empowering Healthcare Organizations with its App Development Services

    Cygnet Infotech has partnered with organizations providing IT solutions to their clients in Healthcare. Cygnet has strategized their technical as well as business capabilities with its mobile application development services. One of the mobile app developed by Cygnet was for an India based medical organization that allows users to access medical journals and related articles. The client wanted to standardize its medical information flow through a software application.

    Cygnet helped the organization to build an application that gives quick access to medical cases and reports to deal with different surgeries. The app is launched with search functionalities to explore rare and complex diagnoses, treatment options and prognostic factors required by medical professionals.

    Cygnet developed and enabled the application to give access to view surgical demonstration videos which assists medical professionals and students while real-time surgeries and trainings. The app allows its users to browse, filter and find multiple medical volumes, reports and health issues. It enables bookmarking functionality of online materials and enables making notes on the stored articles. Users get notifications for every new content update and availability.

    The client had a concept of sharing its medical information resources online. So Cygnet allowed the app to access and share article information on social media sites and professional online platforms, for solving the client’s purpose of healthcare awareness and networking. Users can now purchase the content subscriptions through this application.

    How Cygnet Enabled a Social Networking Organization with a Medical Communication App   

    Cygnet recently developed a medical application for a Switzerland based social networking solution provider organization. Using this application doctors can search and remain in touch with other doctors for exploring the best medical solutions. It allows to visit multiple doctor’s profiles and have their professional details. The app allows to ask questions to single or multiple doctors to explore diverse medical scenarios.

    Cygnet Team provided right technology partnership to implement the needed innovative features and functionalities to be added in this application development project. It even allowed the users to share health videos, images, documents and PDF files through the app, be it a critical medical case or a casual discussion between the healthcare professionals.

    This app is a great communication tool that enables healthcare professionals to consult their colleagues at mutual conveniences. This is designed to make communication among medical professionals easier, faster and safer.

    Cygnet’s Mobile Expertise to Boost Business Productivity of its Clients

    Most organizations face a challenge to engage expertise of different skills in-house for creating an application. Engaging with a right outsourced partner allows businesses to focus on their core strategies and industry growth.

    We at Cygnet, develop apps for organizations to expand their brand visibility and enhance their professional growth. We empower their employees with mobility enablement and assist them in increasing their business productivity.

    We have developed both cross-platform and native mobile applications using our key capabilities on mobile development platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and HTML5. We have successfully implemented mobile app strategies for diverse requirements of our clients, having businesses into e-Commerce, transportation, digital publishing, media, social networking, event management, document management, geo fencing and geo targeted domains.

    Please get in touch with us for any queries regarding mobile or web application development.

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