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How .Net is Helping Businesses Attain Maximum ROI

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Globalization and increase of IT education have transformed every business sector. Businesses are taking the online route and applications are making the business process faster, smoother and more adaptable. In order to achieve the goals of your business, you need an IT platform that will give you the power and technology to simplify business and increase revenue generation. You need a technology that will reduce website/application development time and let you create quality, reliable and scalable applications. Microsoft .Net software development platform is ideal for that task.

Microsoft Net To Increase Business ROI

Microsoft has created this platform to aid web and application developers. .NET was written from the very core to overcome some of the biggest challenges of application development such as long development time, helplessness to modify the features of an app, software development cost and deployment hassles.

Before I discuss the business benefits of .NET, let’s find out what type of corporate solutions can be custom developed with the help of this robust framework.

  • Customer Relationship Management software
  • Accounting apps
  • Inventory management apps
  • Warehouse apps
  • All types of websites – personal, corporate and e-commerce
  • Value chain and supply management solutions
  • XML web services
  • Apps for hand held devices such as PDA

When a company decides to build custom software for its business, they focus on two factors. How long the project will take to complete and how long the software will take to get their investment back? For example, the answer of the first question can be 6 months and if the total money spent on development is $10000 and the software increases your revenue by $2000 per month, then it will take 5 months to get the return on investment (ROI). After 11 months, you can expect to make $2000 profit every month for a prolonged period.

So, the big question is how .NET can help with ROI? There are a number of factors that make .NET framework one of the best return on investment providers.

Reusability of codes- Microsoft has given many re-usable codes and components in the framework to help developers do their job effortlessly. With the help of default features, developers can create end-to-end solutions and make the business operations more efficient. As codes and components are reusable, .NET reduces development time and if applications take less time to develop, they cost cheaper and you get faster return on investment.

Worried about scalability? Don’t worry- Many startup companies of the past are now billion dollar enterprises. Take a look at companies like Apple or Tata and you will realize that it’s hard to guess what the future holds for you. When a business grows, it puts pressure on the existing IT infrastructure and the apps running on it. .NET was created with scalability in mind. As your company grows, the apps can also scale and take the additional load.

Easy to maintain- Development cost is one time, but maintenance cost is incurring. .NET apps are easily maintainable, thanks to the configuration settings that can be modified without any need to rewrite the code.

Deployment is hassle free- Deploying software is always challenging and the most common problem developers face in this process is the existence of multiple DLLs. It’s hard to make sure that all DLLs will co-exist in the same machine. .NET framework solves this problem by allowing different versions of the same DLL to exist side-by-side on the same machine.

Security- .NET is one of the most secure web and application development frameworks available in the market. As it’s made by Microsoft, you can be absolutely sure about the security measurements. Hackers can never steal valuable data from your website or apps.

Cross platform friendly- What if you had developed an app for desktop and laptop computers and now after seeing the growth of mobile apps in the market, you want it in mobile version as well? You can easily develop an app that runs on the desktop and PDA without any issue. As you can re-use the codes and utilize the same development environment, your job becomes a lot simpler.

What else one wants from a technology stack? Given all these benefits of .Net technolgy, one can build apps and softwares that can really contribute in lifting business ROI by enhancing, automating and regularizing key process areas.

Looking for .Net development partners? Contact us for quality solutions. With Cygnet, you can be stay assured of the maintenance of quality and time-lines followed by our .Net developers.

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