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How to Lay the Groundwork for an Agile and Laser-Precision Sales Website in 4 Steps

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Building a website is no big thing: almost every business has one. Most companies also invest in some or other digital marketing activity, in which the website plays a central role. However, too many of the activities are random and do not yield expected results, and too many business are stuck with run-of-the-mill websites and uninspiring ROI on marketing.

We were working on a project with a client who wanted to improve their ROI and lead-to-conversion ratio. What follows is an exhaustive list of actions we took to maximize the effectiveness of the web content and to boost the efficiency of the entire marketing process. We hope that it will help you too!

1. Analysis: Current Reality Vs Expected Future Outcomes

How To Lay The Groundwork For An Agile And Laser Precision Sales Website In 4 Steps 5

Ad hoc website development and design is the bane of B2B marketing. The SEO team may choose to add certain pages to rank for keywords, sales team will want separate pages for different regions, and other stakeholders may suggest cosmetic changes to specific pages. All these lead to the creation of a hotchpotch website that works – but in patches.

The first step is to analyze the current situation – 

  • Identifying the key drivers for web content management
  • Assessing strategic and tactical value of current actions
  • Checking if they are aligned with business objectives
  • Discovering bottlenecks to achieving targets and goals

The next step is to outline the expected future outcomes – 

  • Expectations from the website – from people, process and technology points of views
  • Identifying opportunities for better business processes and for consolidation of existing tech and human resources
  • Outlining primary and secondary improvements needed to overcome challenges

2. Methodology: Planning for a Disruptive Change

How To Lay The Groundwork For An Agile And Laser Precision Sales Website In 4 Steps 2

A detailed plan for revamping your web portals, content management and digital marketing will act as a solid foundation for your project. But while well planned is half-done, badly implemented is all undone!

So, once you have clarity on what you are going to do, it is time to figure out how you are going to go about it. For the project that we were working on, our team:

  • Interacted with the client’s top management
  • Understood the company’s future aspirations
  • Identified the company’s future brand messaging
  • Created content for several new pages (and got rid of redundant pages)
  • Devised a brand new navigation
  • Designed visually-rich templates for diverse sections
  • Migrated to a higher version of the CMS
  • Optimized website performance at every level
  • Simplified content updates & other web admin tasks by customizing the backend

The sheer scope of the project, and the number of people working on it (Project Managers, BAs, developers, graphic designers, UX experts, marketers, writers, QAs) generated high level of complexity in terms of project management. How to ensure quality and wrap up the project on time? Here’s a few things you can do:

  • Implement suitable project management methodology (we implemented scrum)
  • Break up the projects in manageable chunks
  • Set clear and attainable timelines
  • Improve communication between teams, while reducing dependencies
  • Test frequently and take end-user input regularly 

Needless to say, when the changes are complex and disruptive, you need to get every detail right. So, having a suitable project management methodology in place is a must.

3. Information Architecture: A Smooth Flow

How To Lay The Groundwork For An Agile And Laser Precision Sales Website In 4 Steps 3

While the client already had a website with a clear information architecture, extensive changes were required to shift their branding message from general services provider to a premium company. This necessitated working closely with the client’s sales & marketing team – we had to:

  • Unravel Business Intent and expectations from the website
  • Understand target users and their expectations
  • Evaluate existing and upcoming content – volume and types
  • Understand interrelations between content
  • Organize the content based on information relationships
  • Offer seamless navigation – based on user types

By building and honing the IA at the beginning of the process (based on existing user data and user profiles for future target audience), we were able to create an intuitive and effective information architecture that helped boost conversions as well as page views per user.

4. Cohesive Marketing: Breaking the Boundaries

How To Lay The Groundwork For An Agile And Laser Precision Sales Website In 4 Steps 4

The initial process of seeking and combining inputs from sales as well as marketing enabled us to build a website content and design that hit the right buttons for the target audience. We set up a processes whereby all future digital marketing activities were carried out in conjunction with sales. This helped us create more effective content that targeted client’s business areas with pinpoint precision.

After developing the websites, our team worked closely with the sales & marketing team to create:

  • Blog Posts
  • PPC Landing Pages
  • Banners, CTAs, promotional offers and other marketing collaterals

In addition, we helped manually select and migrate valuable pages from previous version of the websites (while removing outdated or unnecessary content). For the blog, we automatically migrated all their recent posts. We also provided:

  • On-page digital marketing optimization
  • Promotion: Social Media – PPC – Email Marketing
  • Measuring: Google Analytics – StatCounter – CrazyEgg
  • Visual Website Optimizer – Campaign to increase conversion rates

Key Takeaways

Simply generating tons of content and hiring lots of resources for promotions won’t help you get leads. Unless web development efforts are driven by a clear and coherent marketing strategy, there is little chance of success. By investing time and effort in the above activities, you can ensure that you get good ROI on the digital marketing, marketing automation and content management investments.

Want help with building a better web presence? Want to get more out of your marketing efforts?

Get in touch with us, tell us about your needs and find out how you can achieve your lead generation and sales goals.

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