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How HRIMS Can Intelligently Boost Human Resource Management

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Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a combination of technology expertise, strategic planning and information access that assists HR professionals to better manage employees, their data and empowers employees to reduce compliance.

With HRIMS implementation an Organization can facilitate operational improvements and enhance employee progress to achieve the set human resource objectives.

Evolution of HRIMS   

Traditionally manual methods like filling attendance in excel sheets was a practice in most of the Organizations. There was a very little utilization of attendance systems. The HR responsibilities comprised of employee data management like maintaining individual histories, track performance, competences, achievements, compute salary, etc. To reduce these manual administrative tasks and make HR department focus on strategic decision making, Organizations needed a system that can automate these activities. And from here on - the requirement of a HR automation system came into picture.

Traditional HR automated systems are limited in functionalities and cannot handle complex Organizational processes. An advanced HRIMS tool assists in managing end-to-end HR process automation. It helps in collecting, managing, reporting, analyzing and allocating information to stakeholders. It improves conventional organizational practices with informed decision making. HRIMS implementation contributes in lowering organization costs without effecting the current organizational performance.

How Strategic Integrations Can Strengthen HRIMS

A. Recruitment

Recruitment can be integrated to HRIMS for making pre-assessments, interviews, screening, background checks and employee onboarding activities smoother and automated. This makes HR and recruitment teams better in creating effective and consistent recruitment processes.

B. Payroll

Payroll computes employee working hours and takes care of attendance information. It manages the applicable taxes and deductions to generate the pay checks. Employee performance can be appraised on time and material basis with accurate valuations by integrating payroll with HRIMS.

C. Time & Attendance

Time and attendance can be integrated to HRIMS to remove manual management of employee attendance and project timekeeping. It handles performance and workforce information in a well-organized and proficient manner. It automates HR practices, reduces processing time and minimize errors.

How Different Modules Can Strengthen HRIMS

1. Performance Management System (PMS)

Assessment of job performance and linking it with business expectations is significant for any organization. HRIMS automates performance review processes for employee evaluations. It assists in tracking employee progress and their future career development & planning. It guides human resources to realize and achieve set organizational goals. 

2. Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System when linked with HRIMS centralizes the employee learning processes. It tracks employee trainings in relation to their competencies, knowledge, skills and even helps in suggesting needed certifications. It helps employees get opportunities to enhance themselves. 

LMS is becoming stronger and stronger being integrated with knowledge and performance management tools. It’s integration with HRIMS offers a better access to employee growth and development.

3. Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Using HR Self-Service module employees can resolve majority of their queries and HR needs themselves.  This HRIMS module enables FAQs, enrollment benefits, new project opportunities, personal and emergency contact information easily available to employees.

Employees can have direct access to time keeping, absence management and HR policies through this module.  And all this can be made reachable to them through their mobile phone or tablet. 

4. Employee Database Management

HRIMS provides centralized management of employee database. It stores employee records and help produce customized data reports. It monitors and protects Organizations against employee data loss. It also takes care that data flowing into other systems from HRIMS is consistent and protected.     

5. HR Reports & Analytics

It really matters what tool an organization is using to produce its HR reports. One might be using conventional tools like Excel or Access however you should know working on these tools is a huge expense on time, resource and accuracy.

HRIMS is an intelligent and cost effective solution to create, manage and have HR reports and analytics. It automates reporting and provides statistics related to employee salaries, overtime, performance ratings, raise, bonus and much more even for a multiple geographically distributed workforce. 

Employee data is insightful and organizations are opting HRIMS Solution that can crunch it and offer powerful analytics to be worked upon with real human resource benefits.

We look forward to your thoughts and/or queries. Our HRIMS experts would love to talk to you and share their insights, do get in touch with us.

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