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Infographic 6 Reasons for Migrating to Automated Testing

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Implementing automation testing for testing and analyzing applications’ performance is becoming a trend to meet today’s agile environment. Most of the QA managers have started implementing automated testing for accomplishing their tight regression testing cycles to come out with flawless applications using leading test automation tools like Selenium, TestingWhiz, etc.

However, still many QA managers and engineers are reluctant to adopting or migrating to automated testing due to myths like high investment, long training cycles etc. For all those QA managers who are unenthusiastic about adopting test automation or ignorant about the wonders of automation or organizations which still believes that manual testing is the best,  we have presented a wonderful infographic that will present 6 awesome reasons to migrate to test automation.

Enjoy this amazing infographic while having a steaming cup of coffee.

We hope by the time you finish the last sip of your coffee, you would have made your mind to try automated testing for your software testing needs.

Reasons migrating to automated testing

Testing is the backbone of every software delivery cycle. It is more a repetitive task than a one time job to ensure quality of application and software after every release. Hence test engineers actively engage in identifying errors and flaws in the application, however, with even best manual testing processes, the problems and variations keeps on appearing, leaving no room for testers to focus on actually improving the application’s performance.

On the contrary, automated testing as an alternative to manual testing is the best way to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your software testing efforts. It breaks all the barriers of manual testing, ensuring better usability, coverage, security and scalability.

Migrate to automated testing now and start experiencing the wonders of automated testing. 


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