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    15 2015

    Jump Start Your Dynamics CRM with Cygnets Service Packages

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    Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to automate Sales, Customer services and Marketing functions. It offers a complete solution to drive measurable improvements across all customer management processes. It is built on the secure and scalable .Net platform integrating directly with different applications of Microsoft such as Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. which helps users to work comfortably and automate all their sales and marketing processes at clicks of buttons. It offers proven ways to make customer interactions more productive and profitable with improved lead generation and closing rates. Organizations looking for ways to manage their sales, marketing campaigns and customers effectively can certainly implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM in their business and give wings to their customer management capabilities.

    Cygnet Infotech as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner offers expert Dynamics CRM implementation services. It is experienced and qualified to assist businesses in their complete Dynamics CRM implementation needs depending on the requirements and size of operation. Cygnet offers both On Premise and On Cloud Implementation services that are fully tested to accelerate the delivery of tailored and easy-to-use Dynamics CRM system, each of which includes following:

    On Premise Implementation
    Online Implementation
    Installation & Deployment
    Sign-up and Registration Process
    Business Settings Configuration
    CRM Outlook Client Installation Setup and Documentation
    CRM Email Router Settings
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Best Practices Documentation
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Best Practices Documentation
    Data Migration Service
    Data Migration Service
    Javascript Creation
    Configure CRM for Claims & Internet Facing Deployment
    Creation of Custom Entities
    Administrator and End User Training
    Creation of Workflow Rules
    Post Implementation Technical Support
    Administrator and End User Training
    Post Implementation Technical Support

    Both these implementation services are offered on fixed cost basis to clients leveraging best practices and rapid deployment techniques that includes:

    • Aligning the needs of the key stakeholders
    • Implementing an organizational change management plan to avoid chaos and resentment among users and stakeholders
    • Defining an appropriate data governance framework for customer, product and pricing
    • Re-engineering organizational interfaces and business processes to enable team selling
    • Initial data loading into the CRM application
    • Designing effective and appropriate integration with other systems
    • Keeping all the moving parts in line with the goal of a successful CRM roll-out through the guidance of experienced Microsoft Dynamics CRM Project Managers and consultant
    • Developing Automation and Workflow processes that meet critical business requirements
    • Designing and implementing best-of-the-breed CRM customizations and integration architectures

    Following the above process, Cygnet addresses client’s complete Dynamics CRM implementation needs which enable them to jump start an effective customer, leads and campaign management which help them in accelerating and enhancing their customer services.

    If you are planning to give your business a Dynamics CRM advantage, Cygnet Infotech will help you in your endeavor by providing its Dynamics CRM implementation services.

    Explore our complete Dynamics CRM implementation, migration and integration services at GITEX2012 from 14th to 18th October, 2012

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