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Key Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an enterprise solution from Microsoft that helps organizations of all sizes manage their customer relationships. It introduces exciting additions, increased productivity, and enhances the chances to engage customers with the superior tools that help organizations to manage their customer relationships on the go.

What makes Dynamics CRM from Microsoft "the best CRM technology investment an enterprise or organization can make" is its advanced set of features that boost productivity through personalization. As Dynamics CRM offers a variety of features and as some of them are really stand out improvements, it is a daunting task to list out the top 10. However, for simplicity, they can be classified into features meant for users, administrators and developers.

Find below the list of top 10 features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Features for End Users

1. Improved Navigation

CRM 2011 has replaced the conventional tool bar of CRM 4.0 with Fluent UI, which is more commonly known as the Ribbon. It mainly consists of the sections and each of the sections contains relevant subsections. The main benefit of using Ribbon is that you can easily customize it the way you want, and it is now very easy to add your own button in a much similar way like you do with ISV. Config file.

2. No more multiple pages to divide a form

Grid of the old form model of CRM 4.0, which uses the tabs to divide the form into the multiple pages has been done away with. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 uses single page forms that means tabs are displayed much like the section, with each and every form having a single page.

3. Firmed Integration with Outlook & SharePoint

Dynamics CRM 2011 offers tighter integration with Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint Services for document management. It integrates SharePoint server's document management using contextual document repositories.

4. In-line Charts

CRM 2011 empowers the end users to visualize numeric data through in-line charts. Users can easily select the chart formats like Bar, Column, Line, Pie & Scatter and so on. It looks similar to the .Net charting solutions.

Features for Administrators

1. Role-Based & Flexible Form Layouts

CRM 2011 offers form layouts based on the user roles and that also with much more flexibility. Users can set sections side-by-side and can set the labels at the top as well as left or right of each field. Moreover, it is possible to configure in-line sub-grids for child records. 

2. Header & Footer of the CRM Form

CRM 2011 introduces a form header and footer, which help users to get rid of those lengthy forms and frequent up-down scrolling to find the information they require. Now, users can create the tabs and sections in the header and footer without any frequent scrolling. 

3. Filtered Lookups

This feature enables CRM users to easily customize the forms and select a predefined view while allowing them to filter by a relevant lookup on the same form. This is indeed a most requested feature within the product. 

4. Solution Management 

Instead of creating or implementing a manual process while customizing a solution in order to prevent the overwriting of previous customizations, users can now use the concept of Solutions in CRM 2011. It is a set of email, workflows, customizations, templates and so on, which are managed as a single unit.

Features for the Developers

1. Dynamic Plug-in Profiling

It helps the developers to keep track of how a particular plug-in is performing, which are the resources it requires, whether it creates uncertain exceptions, violating the security constraints or not. If the plug-in fails a few number times, it is dynamically disabled to maintain system integrity.

2. Ease of running custom code & workflow activities

CRM 2011 comes up with a new server role to run custom plug-in code and custom workflow activities without full trust. So, now it is possible to run custom code in the CRM online environment for the developers.

There are many other exciting features of Dynamics CRM 2011 including Auditing, Connections, Market Place, Field Level Security and Mobile Client which need mention here. 

The main purpose of this article is to help anyone using or planning to go for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Cygnet offers a number of services for Dynamics CRM implementation. If you have any question regarding the features or want to know how Dynamics CRM can help your organization maintain excellent customer relationships, get in touch with us. 

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