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Pace UP with ‘Mobility First Approach’

Cygnet Infotech

"The future of mobile is incremental innovation with a transformational impact"

– Reijo Pold, Telefonica UK

According to the research, more than 48% of the organizations rank mobility as their top business functionality. Additionally, the research also shows that by 2018, mobile apps will be downloaded more than 278 billion times and revenue generated will exceed the staggering $90 billion benchmark.

On a closer look, mobile app development portrays a Kaleidoscopic vision for business, making apps an inevitable platform! What more can a brand ask for – when it can eat, live and breathe within a mobile app! How? Let’s crunch the vast industry, experience and real-time research outcomes and explore 4 simple ways.

The Power of Big Data and Real-Time Analytics

Big data can help industries to analyze predictive modeling, data analytics and help in speeding up decision-making process. Real-time big data facilitates personalized look, user preference, predictive alerts, security etc. For instance: a company can personalize an ad for different viewers depending on consumer demographics. With Big Data, enterprises can create profound business values, revenue and take strategic decisions to empower their organization to measure app usage, app revenue, track key trends to optimize the user engagement and key metrics.

Cash-in on the ‘Real-time’ location

When consumer-interaction is the key, “geo-tag” helps you to reach out potential consumers. Fueling productivity, saving on travel by predicting information about unclear locations which further saves time, man-power and CAPex. Geo Fencing delivers exact location based information with help of GPS. From fleet management companies, restaurants, logistics and couriers, online ordering platforms…Real-time locator RULES! For instance, alerts and whereabouts, vehicle health, time travelled, journey taken, weather conditions, passengers in the vehicle etc… Intuitive mobile applications give precise idea about the consumer and business in real-time.

Transforming the ‘ABCs of Sales’

Travelling salesman problem has been an inevitable optimization algorithm researched upon since ages! A paperless, insightful, deeply analytical, report oriented towards daily/weekly/annual performance of each individual – AHHH!!! A Dream come true for many C-level executives, isn’t it?

Well, insight on fingertips – with few clicks and tweaks, assists to effortlessly administer team on the go. These sales apps propel your revenue with multi-dimensional consumer reach – creates multiple channels, shifts your team into high gear and empowers you to close more deals in less time! Exploring new avenues and arenas to attract new consumers, automatic generation of data based on inventory levels – The ABCs of Sales are evolving. Staying ahead of your competition has never been so easy – still want more reasons to invest in Sales Transformation? 

Receive Payment on the Go

Experience, Experience and better Experience is what attracts a repeat consumer, ALWAYS!

Mobile Point of Sale(mPOS) is the answer to conventional cash register system in a brick and mortar store. Apart from swifter financial transactions, consumers enjoy the liberty to go cashless, saving up on queue time and boost the plastic economy. Easily configurable on a smartphone/tablet, mPOS is a safe and secure platform. Now, you can take your business wherever you GO!

Mobile First approach is a paradigm shift to growth of an enterprise - Strategic implementation of customized mobile applications requires approach to planning, UI, UX design and development. If you are already set and running with an awesome mobile app – COOL! We would love to talk on how we could make it the BEST… or you are looking for a Window, Android or iPhone mobile app development or have few queries looming on your mind – We will help you put your best foot forward!

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