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    14 2017

    Overview of Product Engineering life-cycle

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    Product Engineering

    Today organizations are barely sailing through a storm of challenges and technology disruptions. To thrive in this demanding environment, it is important they meet the quintessential need of providing a top-notch experience to their customers and showcase greater adaptability. To stay on top, they must partner with right vendors to bring agility to business and accelerate product development with high potential product engineering services, infrastructure and groundbreaking engagement models.

    They need a partner who can help them launch new products faster, accelerate time-to-market, quickly adapt to business needs, reduce development costs, improve and shorten product life-cycle and create innovative product to exploit market.

    These organizations need a partner who can develop a product based on strategic vision. The dawn of software delivery using different cloud computing models has transformed the traditional software engineering and catapulted us into product engineering which has a larger, all-encompassing role.

    Our product engineering services aim to validate a concept and translate business ideas into high performing products by following these stages:

    • Quick prototyping and design
    • Accurate time, cost, and time-to-revenue generation estimates
    • Requirements documentation for clarity of idea
    • Maximize user acceptance through delightful UX
    • Generation of POC to convince stakeholders and partners
    • NDA for IP protection, stringent physical and digital security

    Our reliable team of skilled resources work diligently to offer sustainable services for enhancements and quick releases even after completion of product development.  

    The product engineering life-cycle

    Cygnet’s concept-to-completion capabilities, frameworks, accelerators, product pedigree, domain experience and technical expertise provide the perfect foundation for building profitable products. A prototype is created with right balance of components of the system to be built in such a manner that it can be re-used in later stages of designing and development.

    As a part of new product engineering, we help with:

    1. Prototyping & Ideation

    Our prototyping services will help organizations validate their concept and convince partners and stakeholders. We help organizations identify & iron out product concept and flesh out ideas. We also excel at UI-driven prototyping.

    Our core services include:

    Understanding of requirement

    In case of products where the scope is not defined, our requirements consultants work closely with product conceptualizers to outline the business objectives and software requirements of the project. Our experts adhere to software engineering and business analysis best practices to deliver accurate and clear specifications.

    · Clickable Wireframes

    To get a quick visual representation of every piece of the final product, we create clickable wireframes. Depending on the complexity of the project, we create detailed wireframes that not only simulate application behavior, but which also allow us to test various user roles, covering diverse business scenarios.

    · Functional Implementation

    We offer fully functional implementations of prototypes for the core features and functionality of the application, complete with data flow and reporting. At this stage, the prototype offers clear insights into user experience, interactions, roles and access to information. We offer highly-detailed functional implementations during the starting of a new product development as a pilot.

    Interface Design

    When building detailed prototypes with a view to simulate and test user experiences, we bring in our team of UX experts and graphic design team. Based on the target audience and the functionality offered by the software, our designers create a GUI and allow you to get a clear visual image of what the final output would look like, and how the users will interact with the application.

    We conduct surveys and interviews with clients to identify requirement of users and build multiple use cases to display how user will move in the system. We bring into play our understanding of the expectations of targeted users, and combine it with your branding strategy to deliver attractive and intuitive designs that work well on desktops, mobiles and tablets.

    2. Requirement analysis and product design

    Cygnet incorporates user experience design right from prototyping a product, and takes it through all the stages of building an application, maintaining a fine balance between innovation, viability and feasibility.

    Our end-to-end user experience design services empower the client to deliver powerful user experiences that help differentiate product or application from the competition. Our core services include:

    Requirement elicitation and analysis

    Analysis of technical and business requirements by different techniques of elicitation with client on regular basis to map the loose ends by offering visual representations and defining the system boundary.  Our team engages our client in various brainstorming sessions, and through interviews and surveys.  

    User Research and Strategy

    Before diving into the UX building process, we take time to study the purpose of the application and find out how users are going to interact with it. To arrive at a clear understanding of the user needs, we rely on creating personas, building mental models, and conducting user surveys & social surveys, user needs analysis, competitive analysis, and contextual analysis.

    Information Architecture

    Our information architects organize the information logically, with concepts & standards that the targeted users grasp intuitively – enabling users to find relevant information right away. In addition to applying ideas related to behavioral psychology, we also keep in mind the specific user expectations to build an architecture that delivers.

    Interaction and visual design

    Our interactive design services ensure your product delivers engaging, powerful and desirable experiences across devices and platforms. We study all potential ways to overcome a design problem and choose the most efficient and satisfying solution which is aligned with business goals and user goals.

    User Testing

    By testing every element of the design on actual users, we eliminate bad user experiences before your product launch. For simpler features, we may simply rely on opinions of key stakeholders, but for more complex interfaces, we glean and act on feedback from target audience, gathered from surveys, user observations, reviews from experts etc.

    3. Development and testing

    Transforming a product into reality demands expertise, knowledge and commitment. Our talented and expert developers employ proven methodologies and processes to ensure highest quality of product.

    Various techniques of product engineering for development and testing incorporated by Cygnet are:

    Planning poker for better estimates once the product backlog is written because this helps in sizing of the product. This method is successful because it brings the opinion of the experts for estimation task. A product owner or a client are always aware of the requirements but lack sufficient details required for implementation. A good estimate provides insight to client about the prioritizing of each task during product development.

    Pair-programming to improve the quality of the product by eliminating complexities at the early stages of development.

    Unit testing to change code without breaking any other code by scrutinizing the smallest unit of the application with the help of behavior driven development or test driven development processes.

    The approach of peer and supervisory code reviews to streamline the whole product engineering process by fixing the errors overlooked during initial development stages. Peer review helps in maintenance and ensure consistency across other projects.

    The approach of automating the software QA to allow the cost saving, add new test cases along with ongoing development process and increase in test coverage of application.

    The practice of continuous integration and continuous delivery to allow the team to reduce the issues if integration and allows robust deployment of system. It also helps the team to produce the product in short cycles and ensures the release can be done on right time.

    4. Product deployment

    Cygnet believes in balancing the complexities of development and testing phase to reduce the time-to-market for client with techniques like continuous integration and continuous delivery. The use of this approach will help regulate Return on investment and set project objectives and goal in right direction early. Our expertise enables clients’ ecosystem to quickly adjust to development errors and bugs and test new product and improve the quality of deployment.

    The essence of continuous integration and delivery is it allows the client to focus on fluctuating market conditions and user demand. Our collaborative deployment process focuses on stable development process which in turn sustains user interaction affecting ROI early.

    5. Product integration/migration

    It is not a secret that products become obsolete with time, and continued product success depends on ability to innovative regularly. Our integration and migration services are focused on empowering the clients with latest technologies to improve product performance, combat competition and build new products. Our services include:

    • Embrace tech innovations, add new features and functionality
    • Gain scalability while ensuring peak performance for existing features
    • Identify and patch the pain points in your existing applications
    • Deliver delightful customer experiences through UX rebuilding
    • Augment portability by enabling cloud and mobility initiatives
    • Support localization and globalization efforts
    • Architecture Consulting & Roadmap Definition
    • Code Restructuring & Refactoring
    • Re-documentation
    • Design Scalable Architecture
    • Product Enhancements
    • Cloud/SAAS & Mobility Enablement
    • UX Modernization and Rebuilding
    • We enable ISVs and product companies to rapidly migrate to new platforms seamlessly, without risking existing processes, people and data. Our services include, but are not limited to:
    • Support for New Platforms
    • Migration from Java to .NET
    • Migration from .NET to Java
    • Middleware and Database Migrations
    • Migration Testing

    6. Product Maintenance and upgrades

    We offer support and maintenance services to ISVs and product development companies as:

    • Part of entire PELC for new product development,
    • Part of partially-developed project, offering post-development support,
    • A standalone service for existing product suite.
    • Product advisory services

    This ensures the periodic maintenance of the system once it is deployed. This is done to avoid the system/software from getting outdated by immediate fixes for bugs, permanent fixes to critical issues, and dependable support – for reduced cost and improved performance

    Our core offering includes:

    Support and Bug Fixes

    • Develop a well-defined patch management strategy
    • Create patches and fix the bugs
    • Mitigate any security risks
    • Boost product performance
    • Improve usability of the apps

    Product Upgrade & Enhancement

    • Support for localization and internationalization efforts
    • SAAS and Mobility Enablement
    • UX design for minimum disruption to existing users
    • Research and implementation of new features & modules

    Tech Support & Troubleshooting

    • Elimination of bugs through rigorous QA
    • Bug tracking and reporting
    • Quick response to solve bugs and errors
    • Remote software support and troubleshooting
    • Continuous availability of product to users

    Integrations and Deployment

    • Deployment assistance on client site
    • Integration of product with legacy system and applications
    • Integration of product with different hardware
    • Support for both configurations and customizations

    With continuously changing business scenario, organizations must be future-ready and must leverage the services of product engineering vendors to maximize the latent potential of their product and outperform competitors. Cygnet possesses expertise and experience of developing robust business applications using world-class technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure. To explore how we can maximize your product’s potential, contact us.

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