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Yes, you cannot ignore processes. Especially when a large team or teams, spread across the globe, are working together on a complex project, process maturity is mandatory. At Cygnet, we get this. So, we adhere to time-tested methodologies and set of standard processes while working on software development, testing or maintenance projects. 

While we usually lean towards Agile methods with Scrum frameworks, we do a lot of customization on the process front.

Why? Because abstract ideas don’t always solve practical problems. A blinkered approach to Agile can cause software teams to run into a number of problems:

  • Continuous delivery can become more important than quality
  • Development & Testing can become paramount, paving the way for superficial and irresponsible planning
  • Lack of a close-knit, self-organizing team can derail the development 

While we love Agile development and our Tech Leads and Project Managers are Certified Scrum Masters, we know that without Agile THINKING, processes and methods cannot succeed.

At the end of the day, it is essential for Project Managers to understand the key reasons behind the evolution of Agile methodology. The Agile Manifesto was a direct result of real-world problems faced while using traditional waterfall methodologies on emerging projects, and the resulting waste of time, effort and money.


As you can see, the items on the left delineate the purpose, while the items on the right focus on the process. One of the most common pitfall that even passionate Agile teams end up falling into is letting the focus shift to the items in the right. And when that happens, you are putting process over purpose.

Making Agile Work at Cygnet

Whenever we are employing Agile methodology at Cygnet, we keep on asking ourselves about our focus: is it on the things to the right or on the things to the left. Because when working on large projects with a finely tuned process, there is a tendency to trust the procedure and let things go on an autopilot.

But, by keeping our eyes on the words – PURPOSE OVER PROCESS – we are able to escape the pitfalls of Agile, while at the same time make the most of its awesomeness. And this enables us to deliver results that exceed client expectations!

  • How do you approach Agile software development?
  • What are the problems that you usually face?
  • How do you overcome them?

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