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Quick Guide for Business Managers Considering Sage ERP Implementation

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Sage ERP, targeted at mid-sized business, offers all the benefits of a modern ERP solution. Because of its simplicity of use, flexibility and scalability, Sage ERP has found acceptance in over 60 countries globally. Sage ERP not only assists you integrate your internal organization functions but also extend some functionalities to your customers and suppliers.

With Sage ERP, clients don’t have to adapt. The ERP’s robust and easy to use customization features ensure the software is modified suitably to meet their requirements. Sage ERP includes application for finance, purchase, inventory management, manufacturing, sales and customer relationship management (CRM).

What’s Wise about Sage?

Sage ERP offers ease of use, flexibility, and scalability and is an end-to-end solution. Like JD Edwards, Sage ERP too is modular and you can choose only those applications which you need today. And, as your organizational needs evolve, you may selectively add new ones.

Sage ERP supports multi-site operations with the same ease and efficiency as single site operations. It is equipped to deal with distinctive regulations in different countries or states within a country.

As Sage ERP is quite user friendly, clients do not need to maintain a large IT team for support. With a minimal training, users can be very comfortable using Sage ERP.

The best part of Sage ERP is that you don’t need to adapt to it, rather the softwaresuite allow users to customize and create new processes as required. With a drag and drop function, it becomes very easy for people to define their process and implement. The built in features are robust too and you can select whichever you find useful.

Apart from regular reports, it can also help you on any specific queries that you might have. In order to keep a track of important business metrics, Sage ERP offer users the flexibility to create customized dashboards so as to enable timely decision making.

So that users can reproduce the ERP data with ease, Sage ERP has inbuilt Microsoft Office Tools.

Anything to worry about?

When compared to Microsoft Dynamics, the warehouse management feature in Sage ERP is not as robust. Sage ERP does not have the environmental management feature, which is essential for companies that want monitor their energy consumption and emissions. But, these are minor facts that are relevant only to a few organizations.

Why Choose Sage ERP? 

  • Sage Grows with your Business – As your business evolves and grows, the software needs also increase. With Sage ERP, customers can pick and choose only those applications which they need now, and more importantly, pay for only those. Thus it does not burden with you with any unnecessary costs. It is in true sense a cost effective solution. 
  • Multi Site Operations – You don’t have to worry about integrating functions and operations when you operate out of multiple locations, whether they are in the same country or in multiple countries. It is powered with local market understanding and it will adapt to the local legislation, currencies and languages too. 
  • Proven Expertise – Sage ERP X3 has a presence in more than 60 countries, a network of 2000 professionals, 275 partners supporting more than 4200 customers and 210,000 users globally.

Sage ERP perks up performance by providing you a real time picture of every segment of your business. It will assist you administer your business’s multifaceted processes, dealings and relationships. Thus making your business smart, efficient and helping it grow consistently.

Need help with choosing, customizing and implementing an ERP system for your business? Simply, Contact Us and get a free quote ASAP.

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