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    15 2015

    Quick Guide on Sitefinity CMS Custom Development and Maintenance

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    Over the last few years, Sitefinity, an advanced and intuitive Web Content Management platform, has emerged as one of the favorite choices for enterprises. Not only is it feature-rich and easy to use, but it also offers an elegant web and mobile interface – and there are tons of other Sitefinity benefits.

    So, it is not surprising that enterprise CTOs, CIOs and IT managers either want to migrate their existing CMS to Sitefinity, or want to leverage Sitefinity for their new projects.

    Sitefinity Partner

    Shattering Roadblocks to Sitefinity Implementation

    As an enterprise IT lead or consultant, you have an idea of what you want, but do not have the technical prowess to achieve it. Perhaps, you have the technical insights into Sitefinity, but don’t have expert Sitefinity resources. Cost can also be a big factor.

    Being a Sitefinity Solutions Partner, we access and utilize the best practices, approaches and resources offered by Sitefinity. Our Sitefinity Certified and Trained developers can lend you a helping hand with an ongoing project, and we can also take care of custom development, migration, upgradation & maintenance for you. In addition, our vast range of Microsoft Gold Partner and Competencies, especially ASP .NET development, helps us build and implement creative modules and widgets for Sitefinity in short duration of time.

    In a nutshell, through these services, we help enterprises:

    • Mobilize web presences, ensuring superior and more engaging customer interaction across devices
    • Help evolve a new content strategy and integrate any legacy systems if required
    • Revamp existing websites for enchanted interactivity and build new responsive websites
    • Empower employees to tackle minor changes in CMS on their own – diminishing dependence on support & maintenance
    • Boost conversion rates by automating marketing and personalizing content and user experiences
    • Ecommerce-enable existing websites and strengthen the links between marketing and ecommerce

    Custom Sitefinity Development – The Best CMS, Tailored for Your Needs

    When it comes to building personalized customer experiences, targeting specific content to a defined group of users, and creating attractive – but easy to manage website or ecommerce stores – Sitefinity offers a lot of features out of the box.

    A case in point is a toll-free number store company in Australia. Unable to convert sales connections into customers, the client wanted to design and build a sales-focused website. Cygnet’s solution architects identified the problems in the existing website – limited functionalities, lack of e-commerce functionalities and flat, non-interactive UI. As their existing CMS lacked extensibility and advanced features, we suggested Sitefinity.

    By creating custom control to manage web pages and templates easily, setting up easily customizable sales funnels, integrating the CMS with Google Maps and Google Tracking Mode and provided additional SEO services equipped client’s employees with the more effective tools for their job. A revamped, dynamic UI with interactivity provided personalized content to the users and helped boost sales conversions.

    Apart from expertise in custom Sitefinity development, we also have a team of expert developers for ASP.NET in web forms and MVC, which helps us tackle the task of customization with ease and finesse.

    Sitefinity Migration – Quick, Efficient, Effective

    Sitefinity migration involves a lot of manual effort, and accomplishing the task within short timeframes can be tough. We excel in bulk migration hundreds of sites from other CMSes to Sitefinity. We choose the least disruptive path for transferring your existing CMS content to the new site, without losing on the feel of your website. Our migration capabilities include:

    How we migrate to Sitefinity Effectively:

    • Study and assess all the different types and patterns of content on your website – data, metadata, permissions, images, video files, etc. And how it needs to be handled in the new UI layout.
    • Even if you have a complex website with heavy images, gradients and dynamic controls, we can help you devise a solution without losing on the feel of your site.
    • Flexible tailoring to integrate with your existing databases, e-commerce systems, legacy systems, CRM systems, etc.
    • Sitefinity offers a wide range of internal modules, we can modify those modules to suit your requirements as well as integrate new custom-made modules.
    • The end product is a fast and responsive CMS, with User Interfaces supported by latest technologies like AJAX and ASP.NET MVC.

    Sitefinity Upgrade and Maintenance

    By upgrading to a higher version, enterprises can add teeth to existing capabilities. If you are using an older version of Sitefinity, we can provide you an elegant and advanced website, supporting and automating your marketing campaigns and optimizing your social media efforts by exploiting the potential of the latest version. In addition, we can also help with designing more attractive, mobile-ready and feature-rich websites.

    In addition, our Sitefinity maintenance team takes care of:

    • Smooth upgrade of existing Sitefinity website, supporting the upstream and downstream data movement.
    • Security Updates and Web Application Support
    • E-commerce specific maintenance – payment integration, shop help, content upgrade, etc...
    • Data Backups and SEO updates and maintenance.
    • Language support and content localization.

    Sitefinity Implementation – How to Take the Right Decision?

    It’s not always an easy choice. It is not a straightforward decision.

    • Is migrating to a new CMS worth all the time and effort you will invest?
    • Is Sitefinity the ideal choice for your requirements?
    • Is this the right time for your organization to make the change?

    At Cygnet, we don’t believe in fitting a problem to a solution: we study your customers, your employees, your business challenges, your specific requirements, and your future enhancement plans.

    If you are trying maximize the effectivity of your CMS, we would love to help.

    Get in touch with us and tell us about your needs!

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