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Reap Business Benefits with Superior Sitefinity CMS User Experiences

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We have a 2-way relationship with many online services we use in our professional and personal life. They assists us, and also disturbs us. They save our time and sometimes waste it too. They separate us, and even bring us together. But over time many new services and experiences become a part of our daily life – we give them credit when they work well and assign blame when they don’t. At the core, as users, we look for a smooth and fulfilling digital experience.

With Sitefinity, businesses are able to easily deliver intuitive user interface. At the backend, it provides an environment where multiple hands can join together to keep the experience significant and dynamic for the end users. In fact, you can even go one step further with Sitefinity by serving unique and personalized digital experiences to segmented groups of users as well as your individual visitors. 

Let’s take a look at how Sitefinity CMS can help you enhance your content management capabilities and help you deliver superior user experiences for your customers and employees.

  1. 1. Smarter Interface – for Admin as well as End Users

Both administrators and customers who visit the website must enjoy equivalent user experience and receive assistance to meet their objectives. Marketers expect to be enabled by technology to be swift and get their job done self-sufficiently. To help meet their user experience requirements today’s business systems must offer similar level of usability as consumer interfaces and make it easy to access relevant information to assist them make the right decisions.

With Sitefinity you require minimal usability training so it is easily accessible to even the non-technical admin users. It is also very flexible and highly upgradable to meet long term user expectations.

With market usability point of view, it has boldly tackled the challenges offered by changing trends and accessibility in mobile, ecommerce, content personalization, and more. It truly supports multi-usability in every context.

Telerik has delivered a fine web content management platform that delivers many benefits to developers, marketing users, IT managers, and end users, with a continuous focus on multi-usability features.

  1. 2. Involvement of UX with Multi-Site Functionalities

Today Organizations have become multi-layered and multi-dimensional with the need to manage different business domains. You need to manage multiple websites, be it sister sites, micro-sites or some newly acquired business sites (through Mergers & Acquisitions), along with your main website. It’s relatively easy to add a new site in your business kitty however it’s much perplexing to find a way to manage from a single point.  

With Sitefinity, building new sites is simpler and swifter, as you can simply duplicate pages, templates and widgets – thereby reusing the base format giving it a new shape as desired.

Sitefinity provides a single interface with different access controls - to manage all your sites. Permissions can be assigned to the users on the basis of authority or admittance, and can be accordingly fixed for sites, modules and data sources. Different users can effortlessly regulate sharing of content between multiple sites with a single connect.

So you can build as well as manage multiple sites both effectively and efficiently with its centralized control. Your entire content team can get a single interface to handle all your sites from one place, offering you a highly simplified content management structure enhancing the overall user experience.

  1. 3. Flexible to Multi-System Integrations with Personalization

Sitefinity provides the competence to integrate with multiple systems and applications, making it easy for marketers to cultivate and personalize the user experiences. Sitefinity integrations assist you to personalize your web pages and create better engagement for your online business.

For example, with Google analytics integration you can already track visit time, pages visited, bounce rates and create conversion goals. However along with that - if you can track the set conversion goals in a highly customized methodology – right from within your CMS – you move one step further.

For instance, if your goal is to convert your website visitor into a trial subscriber, you can track how many of them are clicking on the trial offer, what pages they visited prior to their clicking on the trial offer, what is the content on this pages which is driving them to click and who is actually registering through the trial.      

Setting this (or other key integrations) up with Sitefinity is relatively simple. This, in turn, allows business users to do it by themselves without too much development assistance.

We can connect and integrate Sitefinity with different systems like Google Analytics, Dropbox, MaxMind GeoLite database, Akismet Spam Protection services, Lucene Search, XE and PayPal Payflow Pro. Also Connectors like SharePoint, Salesforce and Marketo are highly utilized by users in the current market. In addition, with custom integrations, you can connect the CMS with existing business or third-party applications.

  1. 4. UX with advanced but easy synchronization of data

Synchronizing online data vastly assists in improving the user experience on your website. It assists you to expedite your marketing and sales teams to track the user experiences of your targeted visits, foresee data through multiple reports and know the conduct of the target audiences to improve the influence of your content.

With Sitefinity you can create complex synchronization scenarios. You can synchronize data between Sitefinity servers, SharePoint sites, Cloud storage, SalesForce, and Marketo. It offers and allows synchronization of data between its Servers and Cloud Storage.

With Sitefinity you can build and execute multiple synchronization scenarios. The data can be synchronized between Sitefinity servers, SharePoint websites, Cloud storage services and applications like Marketo and SalesForce.

  1. 5. Implement User-wise Marketing Strategies

Sitefinity can empower you with tailor-made marketing user experiences be it targeting different customer segments or specific target audiences. You can track and check which marketing campaigns achieved success, and can drive your marketing goals which are directly connected to your prospect or customer experience.

It also allows you to display or categorize the top performers, improving your marketing tactics and business conversion ratio every time. And this is just the tip of the iceberg: with Sitefinity you can implement complex personalization with ease.

Wrap up

As a Sitefinity partner, we have worked with clients who use Sitefinity as their CMS and we have been engaged into above mentioned scenarios and skill-full abilities.

Our Sitefinity experts would love to talk to you and share their insights. For any queries regarding Sitefinity development, implementation or upgrades, please get in touch with us and find out how we can be of assistance.

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