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    15 2015

    Reasons for Migrating to Dynamics CRM 2011

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    Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful customer relationship management system that gives users the capabilities to easily create and maintain customer interactions and get a clear view of pre-sales to post-sales activity automating sales, marketing and customer services functions. Dynamics CRM has been through many upgrades since its launch. The latest upgrade was seen in the year 2011 in which Microsoft launched the beta version of Dynamics CRM and thus it is now known as Dynamics CRM 2011.

    Dynamics CRM 2011

    The latest version of Dynamics CRM envelops next-generation features and enhancement and is specially developed for both Cloud and On-Premise deployments. Besides, Dynamics CRM 2011 has many other feature enhancements which forms strong reasons for businesses to switch towards it.

    Here’s a quick highlight of these new features of Dynamics CRM 2011

    Dashboards: Dashboards provides a great way of locating essential information They give ‘Live CRM’ content which can be used to create multiple sets of visual charts and graphs which helps in taking better decisions.

    Intuitive User Interface: The new CRM has intuitive user interface similar to OutLook which help employees easily adopt the new system and get acquainted with the functions without spending on training.

    Contextual Ribbon: The integration of Contextual Ribbon makes it easier for users to perform tasks with a few clicks. Users can also personalize views, create custom dashboards and set up fonts as per their requirements through this intuitive feature.

    SharePoint Integration: Dynamics CRM 2011 also comes with SharePoint integration which allows users to easily access data stored in SharePoint server from within the CRM giving a more connected experience. Moreover by installing Dynamics CRM List Component, the users can view, manage and share documents in CRM with the same appearance and behavior as stored in SharePoint.

    Marketplace: The integration of Marketplace with new CRM helps users to discover new applications and services directly from the CRM making it easier for users to find solutions.

    Integration with Office Applications: Dynamics CRM 2011 is also integrated with other applications such as Silverlight, Azure and Visual studio which gives more opportunities to Developers to build applications and lower overall development costs.

    Auditing: Auditing in Dynamics CRM 2011 allows organization to track changes, maintain security, check history of records and comply with the rules.Along with the above enhancements, Dynamics CRM 2011 offers several other benefits which are not available in CRM 4.0.

    For End-User
    For Analysts
    For Developers
    Advanced User- Customization
    Visualization of Comprehensive Reports/Activities
    New Form Designer
    Improved Outlook Integration
    Flexible Definition of Goals & KPIs
    Field level Security

    All the above benefits instill strong basis for organizations to migrate to CRM 2011 if they are still using the Non-Microsoft CRM or older version of Dynamics CRM.

    Cygnet Infotech provides Dynamics CRM Migration Services for businesses to migrate from their existing CRM system to a new and improved Dynamics CRM 2011. It offers different packages for business to migrate depending upon their current version and requirements. If you are looking to migrate to Dynamics CRM 2011, Contact us to view different packages.

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