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    15 2015

    Role of ISO and Other Certifications in Choosing Offshore Software Engineering Companies

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    Enterprises and entrepreneurs worldwide are aware of the power of automation. The IT revolution has enabled business to harness the power of computers to speed up and increase the accuracy of most of their business operations. Most organizations are changing their business processes to make the most of the opportunities provided by customized software and applications for desktops and mobiles.

    Challenge of Finding the Right Development Partner

    For corporations and enterprises, finding the right developers, building a dependable software development team or finding the right software engineering company is of paramount importance. As outsourcing offers an enormous cost advantage, most businesses get all, or at least a part, of their design and development work at offshore locations.

    However, the task of finding a reliable, dependable and capable partner for software development is rather difficult. Not that there aren't enough options - a simple Google search will give you hundreds of results. The problem is that there are too many options. While thousands of IT companies in India and other countries are eager to work on your project, unless you have been referred to a company by someone you know and trust, there is some risk involved.

    International Certifications and Appraisals - A Solution

    When screening offshore IT companies, you will naturally look at their track record, previous projects, testimonials, core competencies and other aspects. If you choose a large multi-national company, there may be cause for concern. But, when you are planning to choose a medium-sized or growing company as your development partner, you will always have some misgivings about the capability of the company, if you have never worked with them before.

    International certifications are a sure sign of focus on quality and security. Any company that has been able to get certifications according to ISO standards has good business practices in place, and it adheres to the standard practices. IT companies with technology certifications, for example Microsoft Gold Development Partner certification, are dependable. You do not have to worry whether the developers in such a company will have technical proficiency - the certification points towards expertise.

    Let's look at some of the major certifications that you should look out for while hunting for an offshore development partner.

    ISO Certifications

    Headquartered in Geneva, International Organization for Standardization, ISO, sets international standards for industry and commerce. Companies around the world get different types of ISO certifications in order to fulfill contractual requirements, comply with regulations, or meet customer preferences. When you are looking for an IT company, you want to be sure about security, and you want to be sure about the quality of the solutions. For this, you need to look for the following certifications:

    ISO 27001

    This certification, based on the standards set by ISO, is awarded to companies with a powerful and IT security systems in place. By hiring a company that has this certification, you can know for sure that the chances of your data getting stolen or misused are miniscule.

    ISO 9001

    This certification is awarded to organizations that are able to prove on a consistent basis that the products or services they deliver to clients meet all statutory and regulatory requirements. Also, the company needs to have several standard process in place for continual improvement of quality. When you see that a company has the IOS 9001 certificate, you can stop worrying about the quality of the delivered goods or solutions.

    IT Certifications

    The capability of the company and the expertise of the developers can be gauged through different technology certifications. A company that has taken the pains to get major certifications from technology companies, and developers who have certifications for specific technologies, can be trusted to deliver a good solution, product or services.

    For example, here are some of the certifications you would look out for in an IT company, if you were looking for developers proficient in .NET and other Microsoft technologies:

    Microsoft Partner (Gold or Silver Competency certifications) in

    • Application Development
    • Collaboration and Content
    • OEM
    • Business Intelligence
    • Midmarket Solutions
    • Data Platform
    • Devices and Deployment

    Bottom Line

    While you need to due diligence and check the background of any company you aim to work with, but if the company has certifications from ISO and software makers like Microsoft, you can trust them a little more.

    Cygnet Infotech is a CMMI Level 3 company and has all the certifications mentioned above, in addition to several other technology-specific certifications and partnerships.

    If you are looking for and trustworthy and dependable offshore development partner, you don't really need to look further. Contact us and tell us about your project. Our developers would love to work with you!

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