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Selenium vs QTP vs TestingWhiz

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Testing automation tools enable developers and testers to easily automate the entire process of testing in software development. The technology market offers a wide range of automated testing tools that caters to specific testing such as web application testing, mobile application testing. Talking about web application automation tools, there are several open source as well as commercial tools availalbe in the market. Open source tools require low investment but lack support and maintenance whereas commercial tools are quite expensive.

To help testers narrow down their choice from the wide range of available web application automation tools, we have charted a list of features of the three highly used testing tools, which are recommended by most of the test managers and automation engineers. These testing tools are Selenium, QTP 10 and TestingWhiz.

  • Dependence on Programming Skills - Whereas QTP and Selenium require 3-4 months of training to learn their proprietary programming languages, TestingWhiz does not demand any programming knowledge. Even a novice tester with no coding experience can get started with TestingWhiz.
  • Record and Playback facility - Selenium and QTP have their respective platform i.e. Selenium IDE and Windows internet explorer, where they can offer record and playback facility, whereas TestingWhiz can offer the same on multiple platforms like IE, FF, Chrome, Safari and Opera.
  • Support for Data Driven Testing – HP QTP requires Complex VB scripting and Selenium requires extensive coding for data driven testing. On the contrary, TestingWhiz has in built data tables for effective data driven testing.
  • Database Support – When it comes to DB support, QTP demands for DSN (OBDC32 interface) and selenium demands for extensive coding but, TestingWhiz does not require any scripting. It offers database support through Oracle, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, and MySQL.
  • Access to Object Repository – Through selenium, it is not editable, whereas through other two i.e. QTP 10 and TestingWhiz, it is editable. In addition, object repository is re-usable through TestingWhiz.
  • Test Case – In QTP and Selenium, every test case consists of block of coding statements, whereas in TestingWhiz no coding blocks exist. Test case is managed through set of keywords in TestingWhiz.
  • Support to Programming Language – Selenium and QTP offers support to limited programming language, whereas TestingWhiz provide support to more than 120 coding languages.
  • Functional and Load TestingQTP requires complex coding for functional and load testing but, TestingWhiz has WhizAgents for varied distributed testing. It is noticeable that selenium does not support functional and load testing.
  • Result Reporting Types – In QTP, results are stored in binary files, which can be turned into various formats. Selenium generates basic reporting, whereas TestingWhiz generates advanced reporting with multiple screenshots and reporting API.
  • Defect and Test Management Integration FacilityTest management integration is possible in TestingWhiz and QTP 10 via HP quality center, whereas Selenium does not offer such integration. Defect management integration facility is in-built in QTP but, TestingWhiz offers the same with Atlassian, JIRA and Mantis.
  • Supporting OS – QTP can be run on Windows only, Selenium offers support to Windows and Linux but, TestingWhiz is stable on 3 OS platforms including – Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • PriceQTP is available for $6000 USD, and charges $1500 USD as maintenance amount, whereas TestingWhiz is available for free and there is also a paid enterprise version, contact for its quote. Selenium can be purchased for free.
  • Scheduled ExecutionIt is possible through Selenium (With the help of complex code) and TestingWhiz but, not possible through QTP 10.

Looking at the above comparison, TestingWhiz defeats Selenium and QTP in every feature and stands out as an ideal tool for web application automation testing.

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