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SharePoint 2013 - Top 10 New Features

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There are indeed some excellent reasons why one may seek the latest and the most advanced version of SharePoint viz. SharePoint 2013.

Below noted are some of the highlights why one should love using SharePoint 2013:

1. This latest version of SharePoint supports the designer tools like Dreamweaver and other popular design software.

2. SharePoint Search is a combination of the older SharePoint OOTB Search and Fast Search, making Search Engine Optimization very efficient.

3. SharePoint Analytics, now bifurcated into Search analytics and Usage Analytics, is a more specific and detailed analysis of how SharePoint is used. Moreover, you can also add up to 12 custom events to track, use data gathering and research work done by other users via Popular searches, Popular research etc. Thus, SharePoint 13 has made a clear attempt in reducing duplicity of work, and optimum utilization of available data.

4. SharePoint 2010 had a SharePoint version and a mobile version, while SharePoint 2013 has master pages with device channel options for android, IOS, etc., making particular device segment targeting more precise and narrowed.

5. The improved mobile browser experience is certainly one of the features to look forward to.

6. The hover and preview option in new version of SharePoint is developed in a way that editing and sharing can be done in Preview mode itself.

7. Automated translation in various languages is enabled in SharePoint.

8. Using social networking at work (MySite, Discussion Board etc.) is much like Newsfeeds in Facebook and Twitter. Now you can network with colleagues, follow them, create communities of similar interest profiles and check out the latest news feeds and hash tags within the organization.

9. SharePoint 2013 is more app based than the older list based system. You can add applications to your SharePoint from the virtual app store.

10. The Project Management feature is a one stop solution for simpler projects, wherein you can easily manage tasks and deadlines, allocate and maintain team responsibilities and create a breakdown of the entire structure.


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