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Shift from Content Management to Digital Experience

Cygnet Infotech

When it comes to building a website, selection of the right content management system is vital. A complex or inadequate CMS is a nightmare for marketers trying to deliver the best digital experience to their customers.

But just managing content is not enough. Web content management is experiencing a paradigm shift – it is getting more customer-centric. Online marketing is rapidly focusing on delivering more personalized, yet consistent, digital experiences to fulfil the demands of a new generation of customers.

Right Weapons are Available in the Market

CMS vendors are now offering a growing list of capabilities such as personalization, social engagement, digital commerce, SEO & Analytics integrations, mobility, and more. The range of features offered by leading CMSes like Sitefinity, Sitecore, Kentico, and others is vast.

According to the Gartner Analysis by Mike MacComascaigh and Jim Murphy, WCMS has evolved to the point where IT application leaders are struggling to choose or differentiate between offerings.Gartner has listed down following MUST HAVE capabilities for WCMS:

  • Usability
  • Mobility
  • Content Delivery
  • Personalization
  • Architecture
  • Cloud Capability
  • Customer experience
  • Effectiveness of Digital Marketing
  • Digital Commerce
  • Engagement Analytics

The implementation of above factors collectively contribute to the success of your Digital Sales & Marketing efforts. Customer satisfaction depends considerably on a reliable and seamless digital experience – which is made possible by the features offered by modern content management systems. 

But the Shift Demands Hard Work

Businesses want to serve personalized digital experiences to their customers across the full marketing lifecycle, but building the foundation for such a strategy is difficult. While the idea seems simple on the surface, it is actually a tough job when you get down to the nuts and bolts.

In particular, when you are working towards serving a consistent message across devices through various channels, it is imperative to seamlessly integrate marketing tools and activities. This may require a seamless integration between CMS, CRM, ERP, BI & analytics, social media, financial systems, and other tools employed by your marketing team.

According to Econsultancy-Oracle Report on Cross Channel Marketing:

  • While over two-thirds of responding companies agree their 'priority is for all key marketing activities to be integrated across channels’, only 39% say they ‘understand customer journeys and adapt the channel mix accordingly'.
  • Only 5% of respondents say their organizations are 'very much' set up to deliver effectively orchestrated cross-channel marketing activities.

As the data suggests, before plunging into technology integration, it is essential to understand and outline customer journeys. A lot of research for audience segmentation, content creation, content mapping, scenario planning, and loads of hard work is mandatory. But it’s worth it: investing time and effort in crafting a strategy for integrated marketing can yield rich dividends.

To succeed, you will need a reliable technology partner who can translate your strategy into effective technology for omnichannel marketing.

Wondering where to find an experienced and dependable partner? Cygnet’s end-to-end content management services can help.

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