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Ship Fast or Ship Out – How Cloud Warehouse Management System Is Key to Fast Delivery

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Time is money! Succeeding in the new supply chain paradigm calls for shortening merchandise delivery times and slashing transportation costs.

Study suggests that approx. 25% of shoppers would abandon a cart online if same-day shipping wasn’t available, indicating that customers increasingly expect short delivery times. Yet another survey 48% of customers are not willing to wait more than 5 days for most of their purchases.

For online retailers, fast shipping is becoming more important as price and adding pressure on them to deliver their wares quickly. Cloud warehouse system helps you ship faster with its powerful inventory management, order fulfillment features. What makes it more compelling is that it offers lower cost of ownership and faster implementation process.

Although many companies still use on-premise warehouse management system, it however comes attached with higher costs because it involves acquiring licenses, cost of equipment and personnel, maintenance costs and investment in infrastructure vis-à-vis the more flexible and agile cloud WMS. Further, cloud WMS means less down-time, less expenditure and more saving compared to on-premise solutions which translates into a flexible, agile and smarter warehouse to run your business more efficiently.

How Cloud WMS Expedites Shipping and Growth

Discover how cloud Warehouse Management System expedites shipping and makes your business more efficient:

Cloud WMS Provides Real Time Visibility

An efficient cloud WMS brings unprecedented levels of real-time visibility into your warehouse, processes, people, transactions and organization’s assets. With an eye towards boosting productivity, slashing transportation costs and expediting merchandise shipments cloud WMS real time visibility across geographies. Using IoT and RFID play a critical role in heightened inventory visibility which boosts efficiencies in put away and picking, verify shipment received and shipping with greater accuracy, increase everything from inventory precision to merchandise replenishment speed, thus expedite shipping while simultaneously reducing chances of human errors.

Real time validation With Cloud EMS

Cloud WMS provides real-time validation, by continuously updating and verifying inventory levels for improvements in inventory lifecycle planning, space utilization precision, and triggering replenishments. Real-time access to warehouse management system and use of mobile/ handheld tablets together with use of RFID technology helps combine continuous inventory visibility with immediate data validation and verification.

Cloud WMS Support Ease of integration

Cloud WMS supports integration with company’s ERP system to boost overall efficiency. With ERP as the backbone of your business, while integrating on-premise WMS was a major challenge and required significant investment, on the other hand, cloud WMS makes it easier to support multiple integration technologies and approaches. 

Cloud WMS Support Self-service ordering model

It allows customers to place an order and you to reduce the warehouse staff, while also sending orders to the floor faster and eliminating opportunity for human errors.

Cloud WMS Works with Mobile/ Tablet devices

By equipping workers with mobile devices and using RFID technology to increase speed and accuracy of order picking for real-time inventory visibility, cloud WMS allows you to do more than just scan items. With mobile/ tablet hand held devices that provide real-time access to WMS, your warehouse team can now validate, manage inbound and outbound orders to boost inventory accuracy, reduce out-of-stocks and enhance customer service. They can access warehouse inventory, order receipt and shipping data from their smartphones. Further, new mobile technologies help maximize efficiency and agility in packing, staging, loading and shipping apart from real-time analytics on their mobile to boost worker productivity.

High volume order fulfilment

Cloud WMS with its scalability, real-time visibility and automating inventory management facilitates outbound order processing and gives an enterprise capability to meet the dynamic demands of high volume fulfillment operations. By streamlining processes, cloud WMS increase order throughput and enhances operational accuracy.

Cloud warehouse management system hold the key to success as retailers look to merge their brick and mortar and online operations. As your strategic technology partner, Cygnet Infotech ensures successful deployment and efficient business process. Contact our experts today to ship faster and get a competitive edge over your competitors.

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